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  • Perfect Case for Note and Super fast Shipping.  
    By Johney Joseph
    The Case is really nice and Smooth. Its realy worth it and it is the cheapest here than other websites. Received in good condition. The Shipping was really Super FAST. Got it next day itself. Amazing.
  • Good :)  
    By Nicole
    really good screen protector...fully satisfied good price too
  • Fits perfectly as expected  
    By Gordon Velupillai
    Amzers Luxe Argyle High Gloss TPU Soft Gel Skin Case is the best TPU soft gel out there. It doesnt loose while place your device in. Perfect fit perfect shape of your device to fit than Other TPU soft gels skin case. Cant beat Amzers TPU Soft Gel Skin Case GO GET IT NOW
  • Nice product to use  
    By Jefrey Warner
    its a really nice product very fine placed on the phone...and protects the screen effectively...
  • Red Jelly Case  
    By Robin Brown
    I am in love with this soft iPad case Great quality and color Excellent customer service 5 Stars
  • Excellent Quality and Delivery  
    By raj dan
    Excellent and working perfectly.Delivery was fast and quick.Excellent customer service that proves the company is serious about its products. The cover can only be described as the best I have yet seen. Real army style but wth tht superb quality. Buy it before it runs out
  • Great  
    By Leslie
    The school where I work has these on all iPads. It is really great- good grip prevents slips for hands. I have had two accidental drops. One from a table. The iPad was on a towel and someone grabbed the towel not seeing the iPad on it. It fell flat on the screen. No damage at all. I recommend this case especially for parents who have young children.
  • Great case  
    By R B
    Ive bought a few cases for this phone, and this is the best one by far Its got a rubber texture, fits like a glove, and is very secure in the hand. The rubber texture gives a very secure grip, and it doesnt slide around. Also, it covers both the top and bottom ends of the phone, which the Bodyglove rubber case does not do. Great price and well worth it
  • Great protection  
    By Joe
    Though it is hard to retrieve from your pocket when answering a call, it provides the features that I would need 2 products to do. Because of the "sticky" surface of the protective cover, you can place it on the dash of your car up to an extreme angle, and it will stay put. You would need a second product to provide such a surface on the dash of any car. I had one of these for my Samsung Infuze and dropped it a number of times, with no degrade in operation. So now that I have upgraded to the Galaxy S III, I am buying another one. For the price and protection, you cant beat it I gave it a 4 of 5 only because of the difficulty retrieving it from your pocket.
  • Top notch protection  
    By Pat Evans
    This is exactly what I was looking for to protect my Z10. The case covers the phone to protect it from small knocks and drops. It is plastic so will not absorb as much abuse as a rubber case. It will keep the screen off a flat surface so it doesnt get scratched. All the ports and buttons are easily accessible. The holster is also plastic. It holds the Z10 very securely either screen in or out. The belt clip is nice and strong and spins around. It also has a metal lever to hold the clip out so you can use the phone as an angled display either upright or on its side. For the price it is brilliant
  • nexus 4 holdster  
    By william corsini
    Perfect case and holster. I used to buy seidio cases but the spring kept breaking. The holster is thinner and easier to carry in my pocket. I have used it for 3 weeks and now cant go back to my seidio.
  • Beautiful Lanyard  
    By Sandy
    I have purchased several of these lanyards in black and give them as gifts. I also use them on all my cameras and phones. They are high quality, last years and add a perfect touch of bling. I am ordering more while they are still available.
  • Great screen guard by Amzer  
    Its the best screen guard i have ever used. Yes, iys is fingerprint resistant and smudge resistant. great product at a great price. thanks Fommy
  • Great Case  
    By Matt S.
    I m very happy with this case. Ive had the Venice for about a month and was very frustrated at the lack of cases available. I bought a TPU sleeve from Amazon for a buck-fifty, and thats about what it was worth. I found this case and ordered it, although I was unfamiliar w the brand and the case was pricey. Well, the case is great. The silicone inner sleeve covers the power/volume buttons, but it is raised and the responsiveness is perfect, unlike the TPU skin. It has a hard shell that slips on over the silicone. I highly recommend the product.
  • Excellent Screen guard  
    By Bharat Singh
    Excellent Screen guard
  • Amzer® Mirror Screen Protector with Cleaning Cloth Amzer® Mirror Screen Protector with Cleaning Cloth for Sony Ericsson Xperia X10  
    By mateen inamdar
    The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mirror Screen Protector is a great way to keep your Sony Ericsson Xperia X10s screen scratch-free and brilliant Made of a thermo-plastic polymer, the Mirror Screen Protector protects your Sony Ericsson Xperia X10’s screen from scratches and dust.
  • Galaxy Nexus Jelly Case  
    By Tazeef Jamadar
    Nice product. What is shown on site is delivered. Thanks for prompt delivery.
  • Good Product matches with the tech details and Prompt delivery  
    By Balu Kunju
    Thanks Amzer. THe product that I have received matches my expectation and it clear as per the details provided in the web site. I appreciate the promptness in the delivery schedule. Keep it up.
  • Best ScreenProtector awesome delivery  
    By Tracey Armstrong
    Hi I purchased the Amzers Screen protector for my Samsung galaxy s2 the after applying it to my phone...the feather touch of the super almoded screen was unaffected, superb product from Amzer great work guys... also the service delivery it was shipped earlier than promised .. thanks Amzer....surely gonna by from and reccomend you
  • its nice and not to heavy on pocket  
    By Dr Aditya
    its a good cover and fits good..only problem is it make bubles on screen service was really good and fast
  • Amzer Simple Case / Holster  
    By Tracy
    Nice product. Very sleek - not as bulky as the leather cases. Phone slides nicely into the holster, and removes just as easily. Ill definitely buy another when this one wears out HIGHLY recommended
  • Good Silicone Jelly Case  
    By Noreen D
    I was thrilled to receive my Amzer Silicone Skin Jelly Cases for my new Motorola Triumph. I have purchased Amzer jelly cases before and have been pleased with them. These fit very well look great and provide protection if you accidently drop your cell phone. The buttons and cutouts are just right although I haven t tried the 3.5 headphone jack cutout yet. Due to good cutout size I ve had no problem leaving the case on during charge mode so that s a plus. The price is right considering that most cases in your local retail store will cost 20 or more for just one case. I ve purchased two cases so far and am likely to order a few more.
  • Amzer jelly case fo Samsung Nexus s  
    By Simon Johnston
    Just received my Jelly case and I am VERY Happy with it. It is nice quality silicone - not too thick or too thin. Cut-outs for switches and ports are spot on for positions. I highly recommend this case - it fits great and has a good feel in the hand. A very nice product. Simon in BC Canada.
  • Thoroughly satisfied  
    By Siddharth S
    Great compact design, love the dual usb slots. Original HTC accessory ensures that it will never let you down.
  • Good Form, Good Function, Wrong Color  
    By Aaron C.
    Its a great fit, and seems to be made of high quality materials. The only reason Im giving it four stars is that I was shipped the wrong color. I ordered lily white, and received a translucent white case. Overall a good buy. Would buy again.
  • Amazing Quality  
    By Don Blue
    At first I was a little skeptical about ordering this product, but after patiently waiting I finally got it It has an amazing design, soft, smooth feel finish. Its color is very vibrant and its not big clunky Id reccommend this product in EVERY color to ANYONE who owns a prevail
  • Perfect Fit  
    By Sree Kumar
    This is excellent protection with style fashion for my HTC Desire..The good thing is the perfection of this product and with a screen protector (Amzer screen protector) blindly I can say" Excellent Value for Money".
  • Good case  
    By Satheesh
    Definitely a good product. does not sag when on belt. the magnet holds well. Vibration can be felt when in vibration mode. Overall 5 star
  • Great Value  
    By Bryan
    Great case for the price. Rigid and sung on the phone but buttons still work fine. I like the color and pattern, I have it in smoke. Its been on my phone for almost a year now and has done its job of keeping the rear glass blemish free.
  • Palm Pre 3800 mAh Battery cover  
    By Michael Strong
    I purchased the 3800 mAh battery about a year ago. I love it. The Pre is a much thicker phone with the 3800, But for me, I like the extended battery time. So the extra thickness doesnt bother me much. I get some comments on how thick my phone is , but I dont care. It works better for me than not even making it thru the day without a spare battery.
  • Great site...  
    By Jacob T
    I was very pleased with my experience in ordering from and willl highly recommend it to others. My items arrived on time and of good quality and prices cheaper than other sellers. Thanks
  • fair protection and looks nice  
    By Dushyant K Palejiya
    I ordered the black cover and it fits snugly over the phone. Buttons on top and side are easily accessible. Its not too thick and corners have extra material which is very much required as that is the part which would hit the ground first when you drop the phone. I like its matt finish. For $10, I expected little bit more but it does the job.
  • Great cover, great price  
    By Luke
    As mentioned in the other review case protected phone when it went flying 10ft across the room and fell from about 6ft. Side clip to case broke off but phone survived. Belt holster keeps it snug so it doesn t stick out and get hung up on wiring at work. Hope it gets back in stock soon need to order replacement.
  • Cutouts for all ports and functionalities  
    By deep malik
    If youre looking for a case that will hold out under heavy wear and tear while keeping your Samsung Solstice A887 firmly secure and protected, this is a great choice. The only real downside to this case is that the coated plastic material doesnt provide much of a grip and can be a bit slick. Otherwise, I think this is a very affordable case that can potentially last years. I personally recommend it.
  • Super  
    By Maura Baby
    The item i received was exactly what i order. ordered late Thursday evening and received in Ireland on Tuesday. would shop on this site again.