AMZER Unveils its Foldo Universal Tablet Stand at CES 2011 and Announces New Line of Tablet-Based Accessories

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AMZER, a global leader in the manufacturing of smartphone accessories, now extends their reach with a new line of tablet accessories including cases, screen protectors, cables, and stands to protect or enhance the latest tablet models being announced at CES 2011.

The rapid evolution of tablet devices has pushed top companies to the front-lines of innovation when coming up with new models and features. To keep up with the growing demand for tablet-based accessories, AMZER is unveiling their new Foldo Universal Tablet Stand which is a lightweight travel-friendly tablet stand you can use just about anywhere. Designed with some Apple iPad influence, the AMZER Foldo can also be used in conjunction with multiple tablet brands like Samsung, Dell, Motorola, Blackberry, and Microsoft.

The stand frees up your hands and allows you to showcase your tablet in multiple viewing angles that are perfect for the home or office setting. When the stand is not in use, it easily folds up into a unit half the size of your hand for increased portability. The modern yet minimalistic design allows users of the AMZER Foldo tablet stand to benefit from any activity that may utilize an easel type of stand. Pinakin Dinesh, Founder and CEO of AMZER says, "Just about all tablets lack the ability to hold itself up for a hands-free display, so the AMZER Foldo Universal Tablet Stand is an essential accessory designed to increase the functionality of this new technology."

Whether a tablet is Android or Apple, large or small, the AMZER Foldo Universal Tablet Stand provides a cost-effective option for enhancing the use of tablets. Analysts predict that sales for tablets in 2011 are going to double, and possibly triple within the next year alone. The AMZER Foldo comes at a time when millions of new tablet users need an ultra-portable stand they can use for a hands-free display. Pinakin says "AMZER is also planning the release of several more tablet accessories in the coming months and concentrating on designing essentials for the latest tablet models being announced at CES." The release date for the AMZER Foldo Universal Tablet Stand will coincide with the start of CES 2011 on January 6th, 2011 and will be available to purchase from Best Buy and Amazon among other retailers.

About AMZER:

AMZER was founded in 2003 by a visionary who realized handheld devices were vital for communication between people, and features of the many products available failed to meet their needs. To improve the use of these devices, AMZER was created to provide consumers with accessories to enhance their wireless devices and provide functions originally not included. The lack of multi-functional wireless accessories and gadgets fueled AMZER's team to come up with new ideas and inventions to improve the capability of these devices.

Our first line of products was designed to include many advanced features users were demanding and combine them with contemporary styles. With rapidly changing trends in the technology market, AMZER follows that same basic principle and is constantly introducing new products to the world stage. Over the years, AMZER has rapidly grown as a leader in handheld device cases and accessories throughout the world. The team at AMZER continues to this day to design innovative products aimed to enhance the life and features of all handheld devices in the marketplace.

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