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What is CRUSTA™?

Meet AMZER CRUSTA™, the world's first* Tempered Glass Embedded Case! This one of a kind multilayered smartphone case consists of four functional layers, all constructed of premium material. CRUSTA's™ 4� layer structure is a result of months of research & development with actual users. Each layer having a unique protective function, and each function working collectively to provide unparalleled protection. The rugged CRUSTA™ combats all of life's drops and spills and resists dust and dirt, preserving your smartphone. CRUSTA™ features the AMZER Kristal™ Edge2Edge Tempered Glass Screen Protector for HD clarity and maximum touch sensitivity,the only screen protector for the new iPhones which covers the curved edges. The included 360° functional belt clip holster supplies an elevated level of protection. If style is what you seek, the 42 color combinations will surely satisfy your fashion cravings. Like no other smartphone case, CRUSTA™ delivers the ultimate in device protection. CRUSTA™ ignites the senses, from a textured exterior finish to a clear view of your device. Experience CRUSTA™ today!

* Utility Patent Pending (Serial No. 62/016,615)

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4 Layers of Army Grade™ Protection

Layer 1 - Edge2Edge Glass Screen Protector

screen protector

If you are looking to go High Definition, then AMZER Kristal� Tempered Glass HD Edge2Edge Protector is for you. With superior materials you get high grade scratch and impact protection (rated 8H) with an unmatched touch experience. Optically Clear Adhesive (OCA) ensures HD clarity on your smartphone.

Layer 2 - Embedded Tempered Glass Hard Shell Case


Available Colors

  • hard_shell_case_btn_blue
  • hard_shell_case_btn_yellow
  • hard_shell_case_btn_purple
  • hard_shell_case_btn_green
  • hard_shell_case_btn_white
  • hard_shell_case_btn_black
  • hard_shell_case_btn_red

The Hard Shell Case is the core protective layer with an integrated Tempered Glass Backing it is first of it's kind and is only 1.1 mm thick. The Shell Case is made of superior quality toughened PolyCarbonate with Anti-Fingerprint coating for tenacious & clean protection. With a built in Mute Switch for iOS devices access to the button is easier than ever.

Layer 3 - Textured Finish TPR Ring


Available Colors

  • tpr_ring_btn_red
  • tpr_ring_btn_black
  • tpr_ring_btn_blue
  • tpr_ring_btn_grey
  • tpr_ring_btn_megenta
  • tpr_ring_btn_purple

The functional tri-layer impact protection is achieved by an outer layer made of highly impact resistant TPR with Nano Air Cushion Technology. The TPR Ring provides a unique textured look and grip to the case with earmarked soft areas for the easy pressing of buttons. TPR Ring has precise plugs for all the ports which double up as dust protectors.

Layer 4 - 360� Functional Belt Clip Holster

Functional Holster

CRUSTA� comes with a re�designed and evolved Holster which allows you to buckle your device in any orientation to your belt when on the go or at work, the holster has 360� swivelling belt clip to suit your comfort. The Holster is offered in a definitive black color and can accommodate your phone with it's facing inward and outward, both.