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Amzer products are inspired by real life, they have ingenuity, flair, and thought, all bundled up for our customers at unbeatable prices – we are so popular, that people have started using, rather misusing our popularity, there are shallow people out there selling lemons using our name! We've done some stealthy research (after indications from some unhappy customers - who were sold counterfeits) we discovered that copycat Amzer products are indeed being manufactured and sold to vulnerable customers. Our products have thousands of hours of research and development behind them, they are engineered and re-engineered for perfection, to suit you, to be better than the rest! Our products are unique and have their own panache, which is why they can be copied but never recreated, the fakes will never have the spunk, research, thought and above all the quality in them!

We're dedicated to giving you the best Amzer has to offer, from masterful design and features to spectacular support and services. Genuine Amzer products come with a 1-year warranty - we will be happy to replace your products if in case anything goes wrong with them or they break, which won't be the case with a fake. With original Amzer product you also get 30 day RMA option, not so with fakes!

To avoid being tricked, we suggest that you buy Amzer products directly from our websites -,,, or from an authorized reseller like Fommy, Amazon, Walmart, and Expansys.

For a complete list of authorized resellers visit:

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Counterfeit accessories hurt our business and your warranty claim - besides it leaves a bad taste in the shoppers mouth; in short it benefits nobody but the scamster. If you were tricked into buying a fake Amzer product or have spotted one online or at any physical retailer - please do take a moment and help us nab the trickster!

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