UK drivers to face serious fines, possible jail time, if caught with Google Glass


It doesn’t exactly take a rocket scientist to figure out that the impending arrival of Google Glass to the mass market holds in a lot of safety concerns for drivers, that is until Google unleases their driverless cars unto the world. The UK government, yes the weird bunch that blocked porn for all Brits, are working on a new law that will ban wearing Google Glass whilst driving.

For obvious safety reasons, the UK government has decided to add Google Glass while driving in the same category as the use of mobile phones; “careless driving.” The government regulators fear that too many drivers will be distracted by the wearable and the content it displays, which may lead to disasterous consequences, ie. accidents which likely involves death. Google Glass has faced a lot of scrutiny over the past year including concerns over privacy which has lead to Glass being banned in a lot of establishments. The company has also allowed current explorers of the Glass accessory to invite some friends to join the program, but it remains to be seen when exactly the device will hit the mass market.

Google Glass is likely to face some stiff competition from the likes of smartwatches which seems to be the next big thing in the consumer electronics industry, especially with its current enormous price of $1,500 which seems high even for the rich and famous. Will you get Glass? Tell us below!