Microsoft financial results confirms Surface RT failure, close to $1 billion wasted


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Microsoft’s Surface RT, and Windows RT for that matter, was doomed from the start. Recent price cuts confirmed it, but nothing quite says it like an official figure inside Microsoft’s latest financial results, showing just how much of a failure the Surface RT turned out to be.

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According to Microsoft’s Q4 2013 financial results, the company made a loss of $900 million from the Surface RT after making an ‘inventory adjustment’ of the ill-fated tablet. Microsoft aimed a little too high, producing close to five million Surface RT tablets, but only selling a little less than a million tablets. The recent price cuts on the Surface RT across the globe shows that the company’s trying to rid themselves of most of the inventory, but it remains to be seen if consumers will be interested in the device if it were a little bit less pricey.

Microsoft has undergone some restructuring, with the Surface RT and Windows RT likely to get the boot and creating just another great example as to why Microsoft fails to get the consumers.