LG G3 Will Come With A New Flat UI , 2K Display?!

g3-screenshotThe LG G2 was one of the most innovative pieces of hardware in the Android space last year and this year, it’s about time for LG to announce it’s new flagship, now since Samsung and Sony have both revealed their cards for this year.

While rumors point towards a launch in this quarter itself, June to be precise, we are still itching to see a glimpse of the hardware itself. Looking at the leaked screenshot above, we can pretty much confirm that LG is pretty much confirm it’s going to follow the Flat style UI. And once again, a supposed G3 screenshot seems to confirm the phone’s extended resolution. While we don’t see the full 2560 x 1440 that those last pics were in, the 2048 x 1232 here is clearly beyond 1080.

Maybe thats because of the virtual on-screen buttons being cut off. We’ll have to wait for some more information.