Did Jony Ive design iOS 7 in Microsoft Word? This guy shows you how!

There has been a lot of scrutiny and jokes surrounding the new iOS 7’s user interface design. Some trolls suggests that it was made by crayon wielding toddlers, other suggest that is was painted by monkeys in the jungle, but what if it was just a ‘simple’ Microsoft Word jobs?

Designer Vaclav Krejci went ahead and made quite a detailed video showing us all how to recreate iOS 7 in Microsoft’s Word application. It’s so crazy that it actually seems true! Krejci went ahead and redrew iOS 7 screenshots using all the tools readily available to millions of MS Office users around the world. The finished product is pretty amazing and almost identical to Apple’s rendition of iOS 7. So, did Jony Ive’s InDesign license expire and Papa Cook refuse to renew it, leaving Word as the only option, or does this designer just know all the simple tricks there is and had a lot of time on his hand?

Wow. Just wow. Tomorrow we are more than likely going to see some great new iOS 7 products from Apple with their new iPad line, just remember that you can still recreate that colourful UI on your good old Windows machine…