Apple WWDC keynote: new OS X, iOS, Mac Pro and Macbook Air; iTunes Radio announced


Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference keynote has just wrapped up and my do we have some news to share; Apple has announced the next version of OSX called Mavericks, the redesigned iOS 7, a new Mac Pro and a new Macbook Air.

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The new OS X is called Mavericks, breaking away from the famous cat naming scheme. The new version brings along support for iBooks and some redesigned applications as well as notification integration. In addition to that, the new Mac Pro has been announced bringing along a 12 core Xeon processor, DDR3 RAM, speedy flash memory, six Lightning 2 ports, four USB ports. The Mac Pro also packs two AMD FirePro GPUs and features a new glossy, cylindrical chassis. It is likely to cost an arm, a leg, a brain, a heart, two kidneys and a liver; so don’t get too excited just yet. The Macbook Air also got a Haswell-powered refresh with a tremendous battery life increase.


One of the crown jewels of the evening was the redesigned iOS 7. The new iOS features lockscreen notifications, Twitter, Wikipedia and Bing integration into Siri, new icons, swipe gesture support, a new control center and more. It will support the iPhone 4 and up, iPad 2 and up as well as the iPod Touch 5G. iOS 7, along with most of the products announced today, will become available this fall. The free, ad-powered iTunes Radio music streaming service was also announced and promises to bring great music to a great platform.