Apple WWDC 2013 kicks off on Monday, confirmed to feature redesigned iOS and new OS X


Monday Apple’s annual World Wide Developer Conference will commence and thanks to some of the promotional materials that have been put up at the event’s location, it’s safe to say that the next versions of iOS as well as Mac OS X will be shown off.

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We have come a long way since last year’s World Wide Developer Conference and this year’s event promises to be full of surprises. The event has been confirmed to be the launch of Apple’s next version of iOS; iOS 7, as well as the next version of Mac OS which is said to be OS X Sea Lion. Banners brought up where the event will be hosted shows off the number ‘7’ which is the first version of the new iOS designed by Jony Ive, as well as banners showing the letter ‘X’ in front of a large wave, which may indicate that the next version will be called Sea Lion.

Other leaks show icons similar to that of the current iOS, but with more rounded corners, transparency and new colours; is Apple teasing something? Guess everything will be revealed on Monday when the event kicks off.