Android Wear – Smartwatch OS Is Here! LG, Moto Announce Upcoming Watches.

final1.0_standard_800.0Google dropped a large piece of news today and it’s definitely what most of us, Android folks were watiing for – A version of Android specially designed for wearable tech – smartwatches.

With this announcement the wearable tech zone just got heated up and now, various hardware manufacturers are coming out of the woodwork to announce their own plans to create wearable devices. LG is the first one with their LG G Watch which is apparently tipped to release next quarter.LG also said it was “developed in close collaboration with Google,” but stopped short of dubbing it a “Nexus” device.


Next in line is Motorola :

The company too announced it’s smartwatch called the Moto 360,Motorola said that “all the core components are technically brand new,” and we do agree the first glimpse that the video shows us does look quite appealing and quite Apple like with choice of materials.

There is no question that this is probably one of the biggest announcements in tech for upcoming devices this year!