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Wireless Automation device Amzer Control

About AMZERcontrol™

AMZERcontrol™ is a family of top of the line wireless automation and control solutions which enhance and ease your daily experience and tasks, both at home and office. AMZERcontrol™ gives you complete control of your paired appliances, personal lighting, lifestyle monitors and wireless access controls. AMZERcontrol™ allows you to travel, work, play, essentially be at ease, yet be in complete control with AMZERcontrol™ range of home and office solutions.

AMZERcontrol™ uses MESH node networking along with IFTTT web service which enables you to control the AMZERcontrol™ Personal Lighting System, AMZERcontrol™ Wireless Plug and more using the intuitive AMZERcontrol™ App available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

AMZERcontrol™ is a true one stop solution for all your wireless connected devices at home and office, first of it's kind - offering a holistic bundle of intuitive and easy functionality. With a wide range of add-on enhancement products in the pipeline including home appliances, health and lifestyle monitoring systems et al, AMZERcontrol™ is a truly functional lifestyle and efficiency enhancing product.

AMZERcontrol™ App is available on :
Amzer Control App for wireless Automation