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Amzer Announces New Accessories for the Motorola Atrix 4G
Amzer, a global leader in the manufacturing of smartphone and tablet accessories, announces new accessories that will be available for the Motorola Atrix including cases, screen protectors, cables, and chargers.
The next generation of mobile devices was sparked when Motorola Atrix demonstrated the raw power of modern smartphone technology. Racking up multiple awards for innovation including CNET's "Best of CES" for 2011, the Motorola Atrix quickly proved that the power of a computer could be miniaturized, yet still function in a desktop environment. To prepare for the launch of the Motorola Atrix, Amzer plans on releasing several accessories for protecting and improving functionality of the already potent device. Pinakin Dinesh, CEO of Amzer, says,"The Motorola Atrix is revolutionary when it comes to phones, because now a smartphone with the power of a mobile computer has become reality."
There are plenty things of things the Atrix needs to ensure capabilities, and one of them is solid protection. Dinesh says,"Atrix users require a case that not only has the precise cutouts, but also be compatible with Motorola's OEM peripherals, which is exactly where the Amzer Jelly, TPU, and Hybrid series cases come in." Amzer is also announcing their release of a new "Hybrid" series of cases at CTIA this March, which is combination of silicone on a polycarbonate hardshell, thereby utilizing unique advantages of both components. The Atrix is going to be the "it" device when it comes to all-in-one functionality, and because of its ultra-portability, protection is going to be key. When placed into either a laptop or desktop dock with it's micro-USB and micro HDMI inputs, it will switch to a "webtop" mode with a desktop interface.
Although the specs on the Motorola Atrix are ground-breaking and boasts a 1900 mAH battery, it's still lacks the capacity a tablet or laptop has for a larger battery supply. Dinesh says, "Since the Atrix acts as two different devices sharing the same battery supply, potential usage of the device may be limited, so the Amzer Solar Charger's 3500 mAH battery is a must-have for keeping the device's dual-cores powered up." The Amzer Solar Charger has been popular among consumers due to its large battery reserve, compact size, and multiple charging methods which include the sun. Because of its engineering, full-functionality of the Atrix can only be reached with a combination of accessories much like a computer or laptop requires. Amzer has been actively working towards providing essential accessories for all of the latest devices being announced to ensure availability during launch. The Amzer Solar Charger, and TPU cases are available now from and the Amzer Jelly Skin and Screen Protectors will be available soon after the Atrix launch.
About Amzer:
Amzer was founded in 2003 by a visionary who realized handheld devices were vital for communication between people, and features of the many products available failed to meet their needs. To improve the use of these devices, Amzer was created to provide consumers with accessories to enhance their wireless devices and provide functions originally not included. The lack of multi-functional wireless accessories and gadgets fueled Amzer's team to come up with new ideas and inventions to improve the capability of these devices.
Our first line of products was designed to include many advanced features users were demanding and combine them with contemporary styles. With rapidly changing trends in the technology market, Amzer follows that same basic principle, and is constantly introducing new products to the world stage. Over the years, Amzer has rapidly grown as a leader in handheld device cases and accessories throughout the world. The team at Amzer continues to this day to design innovative products aimed to enhance the life and features of all handheld devices in the marketplace.
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