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Amzer CEO listed in "40 Under 40" by Dealerscope Magazine
Amzer's CEO shares his insights on the emerging tablet market and future plans for the company
It comes as no surprise that 2011 is the year for the tablet and where leaders make their mark, others tend to follow. Recently, Dealerscope Magazine released its annual "40 Under 40" list with Amzer CEO, Pinakin Dinesh, listed as one of those selected. His company along with many others are helping to pave the way for consumer electronics industry. Trends are soaring with the rise of tablets and Amzer is one of the few manufacturers able to provide comprehensive product-lines for the newest devices on launch. Dinesh says, "Tablets aren't a short-term trend anymore, this technology is already changing the way people view and interact with the world. Everyone from businessmen, to pilots, students, and even household pets can find experiences geared towards them."
The concept of tablet PCs has been around for a while, yet it was only after the launch of the iPad and other Android-based models did the phenomenon start to take hold. As consumers continue to embrace technologies from top manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, and HTC, the demand for products which add both protection and functionality continues to be a main focus in the market. Seeing a bright future in the industry, Pinakin was attracted to cell phone technology and accessories after struggling to find products he wanted. He started Amzer while still in graduate school during 2003 and was convinced he was making the right decision by jumping into the consumer electronics market.
"With the immersion of mobile technology into the core lives of so many, it was obvious that anything which helps people stay connected was going to be essential. These devices will never cease to amaze people and it's a phenomenon that isn't going to die down anytime soon," says Dinesh. Although his parents weren't exactly supportive of his decision to start the company without completing his studies, Pinakin was compelled by the rising demand for accessories and the rate at which technology was advancing. For Pinakin, it wasn't just about running a business, it was about building a brand and establishing a company with a unique presence on the world stage.
Recently, Amzer expanded their product-line into tablet-based accessories and the brand has made its way into major retailers such as and Wal-Mart. Dinesh says, "We've seen tremendous growth in the sales of our tablet accessories and were excited about the changes this technology is bringing. Just about everything in the consumer electronics world is centered around style and functionality, two very important ideals when it comes to how a consumer chooses their device, so it makes perfect sense to focus our accessories around the same concepts."
Earlier this year at the Consumer Electronics Show 2011, Amzer also unveiled the launch of their Foldo tablet stand which was featured in several publications and touted for it's portability and universal compatibility. According to Pinakin, Amzer is planning the release of several more tablet-based accessories in the coming months and will also unveil a new case series at the CEA (Consumer Electronics Association) Line Shows and Digital Downtown Conference in New York this June 22-23rd.
About Amzer:
Amzer was founded in 2003 by a visionary who realized handheld devices were vital for communication between people, and features of the many products available failed to meet their needs. Amzer's team created the first line of accessories to include advanced functions users were demanding and combine them with contemporary styles. With rapidly changing trends in the technology market, Amzer follows that same basic principle, and is constantly introducing new products to the world stage. Over the years, Amzer has rapidly grown as a leader in handheld device cases and accessories throughout the world and continues to design innovative products aimed to enhance the life and features of all handheld devices in the marketplace.
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