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Amzer® Travel Wall Charger

Amzer® Travel Wall Charger

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Price: $ 8.95
SKU: 83615
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Made by : AMZER
Part No : AMZ83615
UPC Code : 8903384048465
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These days having a fully charged mobile phone is not an option, it's a necessity. And with AMZER Travel Wall Charger, your Samsung will always be ready for action. Conveniently plugs into your nearest wall outlet for a fast and thorough charge. The ergonomic design and LED light make charging easier than ever, plus it’s the perfect size for travel, home or the office. Now wherever you and your Samsung go you can rest assure your Samsung is fully charged!



• This one is small in size and light in weight for convenient portability and storage.
• LED charging indicator shows charging status.
• Simply plug your travel charger into the wall, and your phone will start charging immediately.
• Slim, small and light, this charger is easy to carry.
• Compact sized charger making it ideal for the frequent traveler.
• Compatible with most of the Samsung models available in the market.


• LED Indicator.
• Product Type: Travel / Wall Charger.
• Manufactured by: AMZER.
• Color: Black.

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