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Amzer® Rubberized Holster for LG Ally VS740

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Keeping your LG Ally right where you want it just got a whole lot easier with Amzer's Rubberized Holster. The interior is lined with velvet-perfect for your delicate screen-keeping it scratch-free. The exterior is wrapped in a rubberized material giving it a satin feel, which is soft to the touch and provides a greater grip on your device. Your LG Ally is held securely in place with a uniquely designed spring clip and can be conveniently retrieved in a snap. The belt clip rotates 280 degrees for greater positioning while sitting or standing!

AMZER Product Review:

Overview: Looking for a great way to keep your LG Ally VS740 protected but always easily at hand without a large, obtrusive case? This AMZER Rubberized Holster provides a very simple, yet effective alternative for people like you.

Durability: The case is composed primarily of plastic but has that "rubberized" feel to it, meaning that unlike regular plastic it wont be scrapped and show wear as easily. In fact, I was quite impressed with the exterior of the case, it held up remarkably well to the typical tests that life will throw at it. Likewise, the belt clip proved to be very tough as well, its parts being a mixture of metal and plastic components, alleviating much of the typical breakdown in all plastic belt clips that eventually snap like a twig.

Design and Functionality: Using the Holster for your LG Ally VS740 is very simple, you simply slid your LG Ally VS740 in and it will snap on, being held firmly in place. In this position the LG Ally VS740 isnt going to come out unless it either takes a ton of damage or you drop the holster entirely onto the ground (not likely with the heavy-duty belt clip). Once you want to release your LG Ally VS740 to take a call, you simply lift the tab on the top and it will easily come out, its extremely convenient. Additionally, you can still use the side buttons on the LG Ally VS740 as well as charge the LG Ally VS740, meaning that your LG Ally VS740 can stay in the case, as protected as possibly for as long as possible. The only thing you should remember is that the screen points inside the case, not to the outside; the LG Ally VS740 simply wont fit properly in the holster with the screen facing outwards and the case is designed intentionally this way for optimum protection.

Conclusion: This is an amazing, simple to use and durable holster, I personally recommend it.


  • Durable, lightweight swivel rubberized plastic holster provides maximum comfort and flexibility!
  • Made of high-quality polycarbonate plastic with rubberized mold.
  • This high-impact rubberized plastic holster is designed specifically for your LG Ally VS740.
  • The interior is lined with smooth, ebony velvet keeping your LG Ally VS740s display as flawless as the day you got it.
  • Allow you to slip your LG Ally VS740 in and out of the holster with one hand.
  • Securely holds your LG Ally VS740 in place, and remains easy to remove.
  • The spring belt clip locks into position at 7 different rotating angles for added convenience and versatility.
  • The belt clip ensures protection and ease while carrying your handset.


  • Material: Molded rubberized plastic.
  • Rotational belt clip.
  • Belt clip with 7 different rotating angles.
  • Manufactured by: AMZER.
  • Color: Black.

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Model Compatibility:

  • LG Ally VS740
  • Verizon LG Ally VS740
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