Amzer® Lighter Socket Mount with Power Dongle

Amzer® Lighter Socket Mount with Power Dongle

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Made by : AMZER
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  • ATT Palm Pre Plus
  • Palm Pre
  • Palm Pre Plus
  • Sprint Palm Pre
  • Verizon Palm Pre Plus
This innovative alternative mount clears your windshield, dash, even cup holder of your mobile phone…. it attaches to your vehicle’s lighter socket. An alternative power dongle is attached to the Lighter Socket Mount for charging your Palm Pre. A custom fit cradle securely holds your device in place when attached to the Lighter Socket Mount. Adjusts to accommodate a variety of different viewing positions with two 180 degree adjustable knobs. While a ball and socket lets you swivel your device freely. Quickly and easily connects to any car’s lighter socket and provides unique placement for mounting your Pre. Safety first! With AMZER’s Lighter Socket Mount for your Palm Pre!
Note: Will not accommodate devices with protective cases on.



  • An innovative mount for your Palm Pre!
  • Easy installation – No need for any tools.
  • Universal - fits nearly all vehicles.
  • Quickly connects to any car’s lighter socket.
  • Portable - easily transferred from one vehicle to another.
  • 180 degree adjustable knobs allow you to view your Palm Pre in different positions.
  • Adjusts to accommodate a variety of viewing positions.
  • Includes custom cradle designed specifically for Palm Pre.
  • Lighter socket pedestal that features a power dongle to charge Palm Pre.


  • Lighter Socket Mount.
  • Power dongle.
  • 180 degree adjustable knobs.
  • Compatible with Palm Pre.
  • Manufacturer: AMZER.


  • AMZER is not responsible for any damages caused to your car, your device, or yourself due to the installation or use of this pedestal mount.
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