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Protect your Google Nexus One PB99100 with the high quality Kristal clear screen protector. This screen protector will prevent scratches on the Google Nexus One PB99100's screen without sacrificing visibility. The screen protector comes with a cleaning cloth and a plastic card to help you apply the screen protector. Features: Bubble-Free Application and dust repelling.

AMZER Product Review:

The AMZER Kristal Clear Screen Protector with Cleaning Cloth provides an easy to use skin and a great microfiber cleaning cloth, keeping your device easily usable at all times.

First of all, this screen protector is very easy to use; you simply apply the sticky side of the protector to the screen and use the enclosed plastic card to force the bubbles out and then you give it 24 hours so set and the bubbles should have dissipated. Just make sure to thoroughly clean the screen before applying it so you don’t get anything trapped like dirt, dust and fingerprints inside.

The protector does not reduce response time for the touch screen or decrease sensitivity at all, and oddly, I found that the feel after using it actually made the touchscreen easier to use. The screen was quite a bit slicker which made flicking through menus and scrolling much easier but still provided enough of a grip on the screen where I didn’t feel like it was going to slip through my fingers. In addition it also reduces the reflectiveness of the unprotected screen, making it much easier to view either in the fluorescent lighting of the office or just outside in a bright, sunny day.

As an added bonus, it comes with a micro-fiber cleaning cloth. This work best on screens of all sort at removing dust due to the micro-fibers inherent electrostatic characters, but it can be used just about anywhere for easy, recyclable cleaning, even without traditional cleaning products. Its also great because they leave no residue or dust behind unlike traditional cleaning cloths. as well as wiping away a much higher percentage of bacteria; which means your device is much cleaner than you’ll even realize. Its great for any electronics, especially those with a big screen (just like the one you’re using to read this).


• Heavy duty screen protector!
• An ultimate solution to protect your Google Nexus One screen.
• It reduces glare, scratches, and smudges and improves clarity.
• Compact design for your Google Nexus One.
• Once applied to the device does not slide or move.
• Dust repelling.


1. Lay the screen protector on screen and check the fitting of each sides.
2. Clean the screen thoroughly.
3. Apply the Screen Protector on Screen slowly.
4. Peel of the mask when application is completed.

Package Includes:

• 1 Kristal Clear Screen Protector
• 1 Cleaning Cloth
• 1 Installation Card

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Model Compatibility:

  • ATT Google Nexus One PB99100
  • Google Nexus One PB99100
  • HTC Nexus One
  • Sprint Google Nexus One PB99100
  • T-Mobile Google Nexus One PB99100
  • Verizon Google Nexus One PB99100
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Balu Kunju

08/08/2012 08:48:56
Thanks Fommy. THe product that I have received matches my expectation and it clear as per the details provided in the web site. I appreciate the promptness in the delivery schedule. Keep it up. +1.
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08/10/2011 09:12:42
I have used a lot of screen protectors for my mobiles but i found the Amzer best because of its perfect size and clarity
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Zeta Kathy

09/08/2010 10:54:02
Can t really find anything wrong with it. Easy installation. Great quality. don t know if it will scratch don t really want to try but after application you just can t see it. Usually screen gets very dirty with fingerprints not with this protector. Fantastic
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