Amzer® Tough Hybrid Case with Rugged Kickstand Holster with Shatterproof™ Screen Protector - Black

Amzer® Tough Hybrid Case with Rugged Kickstand Holster with Shatterproof™ Screen Protector - Black

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  • Aio Wireless Samsung GALAXY S4 SGH-I337Z
The NEXT big thing for your Samsung Galaxy S4 is here! Integrating AMZER's innovative ShatterProof™ screen protector and Tough Hybrid case for a rugged take on protection. Delivering 4 layers of advanced protection, it's the perfect combination for safeguarding your device. Layer 1 is the ShatterProof™ Screen Protector. It is a super thin urethane protective film measuring just 0.2mm thick and has been certified by ASTM International (American Society for Testing and Materials) and has surpassed rigorous strength tests. Layer 2 is a durable silicone cover that is a perfect fit over your Samsung. Layer 3 is an impact resistant hard shell that easily snaps around the silicone layer. All buttons are easily accessible for instant operation and all ports feature silicone plugs providing extra coverage. Layer 4 is a heavy duty holster that features a 360º rotating clipstand for comfy carrying and convenient placement on a desk or table!


Features Of Tough Hybrid Kickstand Holster:

  • This AMZER Tough Hybrid Case with Rugged Kickstand Holster for your Samsung Galaxy S4.
  • 360º swiveling clip-stand.
  • Keeps Your Samsung Galaxy S4 Secure and Protected.
  • Provides a Fashionable Look and Feel.
  • Advanced Locking Mechanism Holds Samsung Galaxy S4 Securely.
  • Lightweight Durable Protection.
  • Low-Profile Built-In Stand for Easy Horizontal or Vertical Viewing.
  • Stand Doubles as a Convenient Finger Hold to Prevent Accidental Drops While Talking.

Features Of ShatterProof Screen Protector:

  • Protects your Samsung GALAXY S4 from impacts and dirt and dust.
  • Provides extreme grade protection to your Samsung GALAXY S4.
  • Its Shock Dissipative Function allows your device to withstand extreme shock and pressure.
  • Scratch Resistance.
  • Easy Application thanks to the silicon adhesion.
  • Self Healing Properties deliver resistance to damage.

Physical Properties Testing Methods Units Remarks:
Hardness ASTM D2240 Shore A 85¡ 2
Specific Gravity ASTM D297 1.22
300% Modulus ASTM D412 Kg/cm2

  • Warp:92
  • Weft:87

Tensile Strength ASTM D412 Kg/cm2

  • Warp:380
  • Weft:365

Elongation ASTM D412 Kg/cm2

  • Warp:450
  • Weft:435

Tear Strength ASTM D1004 Kg/cm

  • Warp:100
  • Weft:129

UV Light Discoloration ASTM D4329 Grade 3-4.


  • Product Type: Tough Hybrid Case Rugged Kickstand Holster With ShatterProof Screen Protector.
  • Manufacturer: AMZER.
  • Part No.: AMZ95667.
  • Tough Hybrid Case Color: Black/ White (Silicone Jelly Black, Polycarbonate Black, Rugged Kickstand Holster Black).


  •  AMZER® ShatterProof™ Screen Protector - Front Coverage included with this case.
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