Amzer® Diamond Silicone Skin Jelly Case - Lilly White

Amzer® Diamond Silicone Skin Jelly Case - Lilly White for LG GR500

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Made by : AMZER
Part No : AMZ83975
Available Colors
  • Lilly White
  • Hot Pink Magenta
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Purple
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  • ATT LG Xenon GR500
  • LG GR500
The AMZER Jelly Case is made out of 100% premium silicone and is a great, light-weight option for protecting your delicate device. The durable silicone absorbs any shock your LG GR500 may receive from any accidental drops or bumps, keeping it just like new. The smooth silicone gives you a sure and lasting grip on your device and minimizes sliding on flat surfaces. You have full access to your LG GR500 without removing it from the case. The Jelly Case is truly like a second skin and a must have accessory!


AMZER Product Review:

Overview: AMZER Diamond Silicone Skin Jelly Cases for your LG Xenon GR500 are still in fashion and probably the best alternative for people who dont want a hard case for their LG Xenon GR500. Recently silicone case manufacturers have really made improvements for slider style phones and such is the case here. This silicone skin for your LG Xenon GR500 model is thick, and extremely resistant. Combine it with your favorite screen protector and you can just toss it in your pocket or purse at a moments notice.

Durability: The skin is made out of a single piece of thick, molded silicone. The formula is quite robust and thick though and held up and snapped right back even after significant stretching. Unless you overextend it significantly (far beyond what it would take to put the LG Xenon GR500 inside), you shouldnt have any rips, tears or any other problems.

Design/Functionality: Not a whole lot to say in the design category, its extremely simple to use and has holes for all the major ports, buttons and so on. Its a good fit for slider type of phone such as the LG Xenon GR500. The rubber feel is very nice and comfortable though, and provides an excellent gripping surface while being extremely lightweight. Overall an excellent fit.

Conclusion: This is a good, affordable, durable silicone case. 


• Very thick skin case while being extremely lightweight.
• Great, comfortable grip.
• Custom designed for your LG Xenon GR500.


• Could be a bit tighter.


• Fashionable & flexible AMZER Diamond Silicone Skin Jelly Case for your new LG Xenon GR500!
• Flexi-grip pattern protects your LG Xenon GR500 from dropped or bumped.
• Quality material used for this skin provides shield and avoid scratches.
• Helps to prevent your LG Xenon GR500 from sliding on soft surfaces or angle surfaces.
• Precise cutouts give easy access to all the functionalities available in your LG Xenon GR500.
• This elegant skin-tight jelly case is perfectly manufactured to fit.
• 100% premium silicone with a flexi-grip pattern.
• Installation and removal are very easy.
• Different colors available for your convenience.


• Material: Premium silicone material.
• Style: Diamond stones.
• Flexi-grip Pattern.
• Manufacturer: AMZER.
• Color: Lilly White.

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