Amzer® Deluxe Desktop Cradle with Extra Battery Charging Slot for HTC Dream

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Recharge and sync your T-mobile G1 with this amazingly convenient cradle from Amzer. Features Smart Charge technology which allows your device to charge very quickly. All you do is connect the cradle's cable (included with our smart charge cradle) to any USB outlet on your PC, Mac or notebook. DC (wall) charger also included as an alternative to charging via your PC. Easy to use, the T-mobile G1 cradle firmly holds your device in place at a comfortable reading angle. Bonus: spare battery charging slot so you’re ensured to always be with a fully charged extra battery on hand! Note: Battery sold separately. For battery details see SKU: 82495.

AMZER Product Review:

Looking for a great multifunction/use cradle that will give you an extra charging slot along with extra outputs all while giving you the full functionality of your phone at your desk? This cradle is perfect for you if you have a compatible HTC device.

Using it a snap, just remove the bottom cover and slide in your phone, it gives it a great grip that wont fall over with a slight bump. When you insert your phone, the front light will come on, assuring you that its working. But what is really great about this cradle is the sleek design. The sleek back glossy hatch in the rear opens up to reveal a hidden bay to charge an extra battery bay, but best of all, this cradle also works as a splitter. Not only can you use the standard Mini-USB cable, either to USB or an outlet (both included), but it also has a port for both an HTC standard headjack/output and a 3.5mm headset jack as well for really great convenience.

The back battery compartment pack works great, and supports the extended battery as well as the regular one; although the larger battery will make it so you cant fully close the door, it is very handy to have. The bay is extremely well designed, and thanks to the tab, removing the backup battery is a snap. There is only one minor issue, the battery bay does share the same LED charging light as the rest of the cradle, but it will indicate to you when its done by changing colors (from red to blue), so it is still extremely handy to have around.  

This cradle combines a great looking package with awesome features and usability. 

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  • HTC Dream
  • T-Mobile G1
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Michelle Saunders

08/04/2009 13:09:53
If you are debating whether you should buy this or not let me tell you it is worth every penny you spend on it. All this said I would still buy it for the original price. It sits on my desk next to my workstation and is a great way to power your phone display it charge your spare battery . I love it It is the best charger I have owned. You can have your USB plugged into your computer to update your contacts calendar task and notes while sitting in the charger.
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Wesley H

09/01/2009 13:29:20
I got this desktop charging cradle for Christmas and so far have been very pleased with it. It keeps me from fishing around for the cable end behind the couch or underneath my desk when the cable falls down. It has a purple LED light about an inch wide right in front of the phone which creates a gentle glow at night to help you find your G1 at 3am. It has a spare battery compartment in the back as well to keep a spare charged and ready to go at a moments notice. There is a recessed area for the mini usb port cover so you don t have to take it off and it has 3 ports in the back one for the AC charger one for the sync cable and a 3.5mm audio output. It will charge off either the sync or the AC cable so you don t have to leave the computer on and you don t have to switch cables to access the micro sd card. You can put the 3.5mm to a set of speakers or the line in on your sound card to listen to your mp3 s. Overall it is stylish and gets your G1 up off the desk so you can hear your ring tones loud and clear. There is room for improvement though. The purple LED stays lit as long as there is power to the cradle which is normally all the time. I would like it to just come on when the phone is in there. And if you have a hard case you will have to take it off when you put the phone in. This was kind of a bummer to me but it is so convenient that I will accept this small nuisance. I would recommend this product.
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