Amzer® Crystal/ Skinned Case Holster

Amzer® Crystal/ Skinned Case Holster

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  • ATT Palm Centro
  • Palm Centro
  • Palm Centro 685
  • Sprint Palm Centro 685
  • Verizon Palm Centro 685
This holster is custom designed to fit Palm Centro devices when paired with a crystal/ skin case. The 360 degree spring clip ensures that your device is held securely in the holster at all times. Plus, it has the smart to recognize when your handheld is in place. That means you will maximize battery life, since the backlight will automatically shut off. It also means you can choose different notification settings (ring, vibrate or both) based on whether your handheld is in or out of this convenient holster. Interior velvet lining helps reduce friction from repeated use. Pair your holster with any Crystal Case or Skin Case for carrying convenience.



  • Centro skin cases and Centro hard cases are typically some of the most popular solutions to protect your smartphone.  However, one of the “problems” is that a Centro with a skin or hard case will not fit in a standard Centro holster because of the added thickness.
  • AMZER has just released its Crystal/ Skinned Case Holster to specifically accommodate cases such as the Skin Case/ Crystal Case.
  • Its large top spring clip will hold your Centro firmly and securely in place while still make it extremely easy to access quickly by simply lifting the spring clip a little and pulling your smartphone out.
  • The belt clip at the back offers an extremely slim profile and thus ensures that the holster does not protrude unnecessarily and ungainly from your body. 
  • Additionally, the belt clip offers eight rotating positions (up to 180 degrees) so that you can wear the holster horizontally or vertically on your side.
  • This AMZER Skinned Holster to be a robust and elegant solution to carry the Centro by with the convenience of quickly having access to it for making or receiving calls. 
  • Also features a battery-saving proximity sensor that shuts off the screen backlight as soon as you slide your smartphone into place.
  • The sensor allows you to switch automatically to different notification settings (for ringing, vibration or both) based on whether your smartphone is in or out of its case.

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