Amzer® Bicycle Handlebar Mount

Amzer® Bicycle Handlebar Mount

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Made by : AMZER
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  • BlackBerry Niagra 9630
  • Blackberry Tour 9630
  • Sprint BlackBerry Tour 9630
  • Verizon BlackBerry Tour 9630
Now you can take your BlackBerry Tour/ Niagra 9630 for a spin while cycling with AMZER’s Bicycle Handlebar Mount. Easy to install, simply clamp and tighten the mount ring onto your handlebars or stem, your BlackBerry Tour/ Niagra 9630 is held securely in place on your mountain bike, beach cruiser or motorcycle. The swiveling head rotates the custom fit cradle and your device to the perfect viewing position. This phone mount can also be used on golf carts and baby strollers. Safety first……With AMZER’s Bicycle Handlebar Mount for your BlackBerry Tour/ Niagra 9630.
Note: Will not accommodate devices with protective cases on.


AMZER Product Review:

Have a BlackBerry Tour 9630 but dont have anywhere comfortable to put it on long bicycle rides? Or do you simply want a convenient place on your bicycle to attach your BlackBerry Tour 9630? Then the BlackBerry Tour 9630 Bicycle Handlebar mount is a great choice!

Unlike a lot of bicycle mounts, this one is a breeze to install. You simply take the mounting piece, unscrew the bracket, fit it to your handlebars and screw the bracket back on, attach the BlackBerry Tour 9630 cradle and then slide in your BlackBerry Tour 9630 and close the arms to get a tight grip on it. When youre read to release, you just push the release button and you instantly have your BlackBerry Tour 9630.

In addition to easy installation, the mount maintains an excellent grip on your BlackBerry Tour 9630, enough so where I could hold the mount upside down and shake it violently without it coming loose at all. As well, the mount can also rotate 360 degrees using an easily adjustable ball and socket joint, making it easy to find a good spot on your bicycle while keeping your BlackBerry Tour 9630 usable and accessible at any angle; this feature is especially nice if your BlackBerry Tour 9630 supports a panorama mode.

For a very low price, this is one of the best bicycle mounts around.


  • The swiveling head rotates the custom fit cradle and your BlackBerry Tour 9630 to the perfect viewing position. 
  • Your BlackBerry Tour 9630  is now easily transferable from one Bicycle to another Bicycle. 
  • Suitable for handlebars between 0.75 inches to 1 inch in diameter. 
  • This mount allows movement left, right, or rotates 360 degree. 
  • Swivel ball joint with locking ring - enables the holder to be positioned and locked in place. 
  • No tools required for installation.
  • Can also be used on golf carts and baby strollers.


  • Type: Bicycle Mount 
  • Support legs and Side grip 
  • Clamps for handlebar 
  • Ball and socket 
  • Swivel locking ring 
  • Color: Black 
  • Manufacturer: AMZER.

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