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Researcher believes that Google Glass could go on sale for $300

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By now, everyone is just about fed up with Google Glass. The wearable has been all over the web and news for ages, but since it is yet to be officially announced, no one can get their hands on it.

The wearable industry is set to boom within the next few years and with it, fancy eye wear such as Google Glass will be a hot selling gadget, but what will it cost you? Topology Research Institute’s Jason Tsai believes that despite current owners of the device having forked out $1,500 to get their hands on pre-release hardware, final versions that will hit the market later this year, or early next year, are likely to go on sale for just $300. Tsai gets this price by adding the sum of the cost of all of the components and likely adding some profits and other related expenses to it.

The Institute claims that the wearable tech industry is set to be worth over $18 billion by 2018, a significant increase from 2011’s $1.2 billion.

Written by Dion Guillaume

August 10th, 2013 at 12:49 pm