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Microsoft to change SkyDrive name after losing trademark dispute with BSkyB

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Remember a while ago when Microsoft lost a trademark dispute over its naming of the Metro UI? Well, call it Deja Vu, but they’ve done it again. The company’s popular cloud storage platform, SkyDrive, will see its name being changed in the near future after losing a trademark dispute with British Sky Broadcasting over the SkyDrive name.

A court has ruled in favour of BSkyB over a trademark dispute with Microsoft over the Redmond giant’s use of the SkyDrive name for their popular cloud storage platform. Microsoft has been granted an undisclosed period of time after which they will have to change the SkyDrive name to something else in order to not infringe on BSkyB’s trademark. The internet has gone in a new naming frenzy with a popular name on The Verge being ‘BallmerDrive’ which obviously takes a stab at Microsoft’s CEO, but more likely suggestions include Bing Drive and XBox Drive, but of course in the end it will be up to Redmond’s top brass to make the final call.

It remains to be seen what the new name will be as well as how smooth a transition it will be from SkyDrive. Of course there is going to be a few confused souls running around. Sadly, Microsoft has no immediate plans to appeal the judgement, so change is imminent.

Written by Dion Guillaume

July 31st, 2013 at 3:22 pm