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HTC One Glamour Red hitting Sprint exclusively tomorrow

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Great news for Sprint users that are ready for an upgrade, the Glamour Red variant of the HTC One will go on sale exclusively from Sprint in the US tomorrow for $199 when signing a two-year contract, but they’re also offering a buy one get one free offer to all their customers.

With a Blue version of the HTC One having leaked, it seems HTC is ready to launch the rainbow in their line ups. Sprint will apparently offer the Glamour Red variant of the HTC One exclusively to its customers, despite some shoddy national coverage. They are offering the HTC One Glamour Red for $199 when signing a two year contract with them, but that’s not all, they’ll through in another HTC One for free as long as you take out a two year contract on the second one as well.

Technically Sprint doesn’t get the whole buy One get One free, but at least they have some clever nameplay going. Will you be getting the Glamour Red HTC One?

Written by Dion Guillaume

August 15th, 2013 at 4:04 pm