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Delta Air Lines acquires 19,000 Nokia Lumia 820 devices for in-flight use

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Delta Air Lines has partnered up with AT&T, Microsoft and Avanade in order to provide 19,000 Windows Phone powered Nokia Lumia 820 smartphones to flight attendants in order to process in-flight payments through the company’s Fly Delta application for Windows Phone.

The move will undoubtedly give Nokia and Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system some great new opportunities, in addition to joining the infamous mile-high club. The Lumia 820 devices will be used for near real-time credit card processing, to email eReceipts for purchases, the use of pre-paid cards as well as the ability to read coupons displayed on passenger mobile devices. Apparently trials have shown a speed increase of 10% in comparison with previous systems. The agreement also allows for expanding over three years, seeing the addition of more Nokia made devices.

It seems Nokia is getting quite high, how long until they send ém to space? Voice your opinions below!

Written by Dion Guillaume

August 24th, 2013 at 12:29 pm