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20 people injured as LG Korea kicks off LG G2 marketing stunts

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LG Korea recently kicked off an ill-fated marketing campaign in order to promote the company’s new LG G2 flagship device, during their recent ‘G in the cloud’ promotional event, 20 people were injured during a marketing stunt that involved toy guns and a lot of balloons.

LG Korea recently kicked off their marketing efforts to promote the new LG G2, the first such event involved letting loose hundreds of helium filled balloons carrying vouchers for free devices, but what happened in turn was quite understandable. An eager crowd pulled out BB guns in order to shoot down the balloons and claim their prizes, which in turn injured 20 people. LG has promised to take care off all the medical costs related to the injuries of the bystanders and has cancelled all their subsequent events, which probably involved shooting bricks with vouchers on into crowds.

The company may struggle to compete with their fellow South Korean Samsung, but the LG G2 may very well turn out to be quite a success thanks to key carrier tie-ups by the company and some speedy releases. Do you think LG has what it takes to pick a fight with the likes of Samsung?

Written by Dion Guillaume

August 12th, 2013 at 12:39 pm