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Windows Phone users cry out as Instagram deletes photos uploaded by unofficial applications

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After months and months of constant bickering by Windows Phone users, and the use of a magnitude of different unofficial Instagram clients such as Instance and Hipstamatic’s Oggl, Instagram has started striking back at users who make use of unofficial Instagram clients by deleting such users’ uploads.

The move, albeit to combat spam uploads, has resulted in an outcry by Windows Phone users who have been crying for several months, begging the company to release a Windows Phone application. Nokia has even had a campaign in which they tried to bully Instagram into creating an official Instagram for Windows Phone application through #2InstaWithLove which failed miserably. Instagram has started deleted uploads by users that use unofficial Instagram clients, of which several are Windows Phone applications such as the popular Instance. Instagram officially noted that the deletions were caused by a change in their APIs that have been made to combat spam uploads on the service, all unofficial offerings seems to have been affected.

Instance’s creator, Daniel Gary, has taken to Twitter to calm disgruntled users down and promising a fix soon with the possibility of refunds being offered to users who purchased the application for their devices. Best to get an iPhone or Android device then, hey?