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Beats apparently wants to end their partnership with HTC

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It seems that HTC’s struggles aren’t there only worries. According to the Wall Street Journal, Beats Electronics is looking towards ending their partnership with the struggling smartphone maker, which still owns 25% of the company.

According to new reports surfacing from the Wall Street Journal, sources close to the matter has said that Beats Electronics is looking to buy back the remaining 25% stake that HTC has in the company, which was halved from 50% just last year. Apparently Beats is trying to scramble enough cash to buy back HTC’s 25% stake in the company, just over two years after the companies announced their partnership which totalled $300 million and gave HTC devices exclusive Beats Audio hardware and enhancements. If the deal goes through, Beats will be able to partner up with any mobile manufacturer they want, and HTC is likely to lose an important feature in their devices.

HTC has recently launched a $1 billion marketing campaign in partnership with film star, Robert Downey Jr., while launching their latest comeback attempt.

Written by Dion Guillaume

August 19th, 2013 at 8:25 am