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HTC’s full ‘Here’s To Change’ ad goes live, screams for help

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HTC has been struggling for quite some time now, that’s no secret. The company is busy with some restructuring efforts and one of its main focus points now is that of marketing, which is what they have identified as their main problem over the last few years.

Their ‘Here’s To Change’ marketing featuring Iron Man star, Robert Downey Jr., has started and it is said to total over $1 over the next few years, so it shouldn’t be taken too lightly. The first full length ad has appeared online and features Downey Jr. and other actors trying to think what HTC really stands for with possible answers suggested as ‘humongous tinfoil catamaran’, ‘hipster troll carwash’, ‘hot tea catapult’, ‘hold this cat’ and ‘happy telephone company.’ The moral of the video comes down to the fact that HTC “can be anything you want it to be.” The video is confusing to say the least, but it does make viewers ask questions, which is what advertisements are supposed to do.

Will it work you ask? Take a look for yourself and share your opinion, but in my opinion this whole ordeal just scream’s ‘Help This Company.’

Written by Dion Guillaume

August 14th, 2013 at 8:15 am