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Anti Google Merchandise by Microsoft Is On Shelfs

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scroogled-merchandise-storeScroogled – the name of the campaign started by microsoft back in march that directly aimed at Google for it’s nature of user information collection. Microsoft continues its attack against Google by taking its Scroogled campaign beyond the online realm, offering merchandise such as mugs, caps, T-shirts and hoodies, with an anti-Google message, on its online store.

Yes there are some Microsoft fanboys who would like and support this campaign but things are more direct than ever. A few months back Microsoft had started showcasing and illustrating how Google is spamming inboxes with ads instead of protecting them.

Written by Chintan Vithlani

November 21st, 2013 at 6:59 pm

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Google Will Pay $17 Million due to unauthorized tracking in Apple’s Browser.

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xGoogle-logo2.jpg.pagespeed.ic.80r4pKhOYoGoogle has agreed to pay a hefty $17 Million for unauthorized tracking of  software on Apple’s safari web browser. New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman announced the agreement on Google’s “unauthorized placement of cookies on computers using Apple Safari Web browsers during 2011 and 2012.

A Google spokesperson confirmed the agreement and said in a statement: “We work hard to get privacy right at Google and have taken steps to remove the ad cookies, which collected no personal information, from Apple’s browsers. We’re pleased to have worked with the state attorneys general to reach this agreement.”


Google has agreed and acknowledged the issue saying that they respect user security and would keep a better check on such activities.

Written by Chintan Vithlani

November 19th, 2013 at 3:05 pm

Is this the new Google Nexus 10 from LG?

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nexus-10-2013-leak-2-540x368Well as we come to the of 2013, Google is looking forward to make it’s device portfolio complete. The most obvious question is the 10 inch tablet from Google – when would it be released and who would be making it?

As we speak there are fresh leaks of a possible LG Nexus 10 for the year 2013.There have been a few rumors of a new Nexus 10 in the works, but the anticipation of the Nexus 5 has made this a headline in the background. Fresh leaks suggest that Google has chosen LG to be it’s manufacturer for the Nexus 10 and dumped Samsung.

A rumoured pricing of $490 has also surfaced in some leaks, let’s see how many of these rumours translate to final specs.

Written by Chintan Vithlani

November 18th, 2013 at 6:46 am

Is Snapchat worth a third of Motorola!?

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snapchat-androidGoogle made news when reports surfaced that it tried to buy Snapchat for $4 Billion . This was the final bid after Facebook tried it’s luck at $3 Billion and was turned down by Snapchat.

Wall Street Journal reported earlier this week that Facebook trying to buy a company with $0 revenue would be a massive mistake for Facebook. The question is why would Google or Facebook shell out so much money for a service that doesn’t have any revenue, never mind profits?

Facebook’s biggest problems are decreasing interest among young users,  massive transition to mobile slowing growth. Acquiring Snapchat, which is growing exponentially would only mean getting back the last bits and hitting new milestones in terms of mobile users.

Any which ways we see these Giants competing each other to bring the youth to use their services to increase revenue. In this rat race do you think investing dollars like those make sense?

Written by Chintan Vithlani

November 16th, 2013 at 7:41 pm

Nexus 5 to launch in India on the 20th at Rs.28,999 in the Play Store.

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nexus 5Yes, it’s finally confirmed, the Google Nexus 5 shall hit shelves on the Play Store very soon. The Smartphone has already appeared on Google’s Play Store with a price tag and with a “Coming Soon” status at Rs.28,999.

A week ago online websites started taking pre-orders for the device, and soon the pre-orders were sold out! We have seen that online retailers usually ship pre-orders the day the device is officially released and this might very well be the case with the Nexus 5.n5

Written by Chintan Vithlani

November 15th, 2013 at 5:50 pm

Google May Have Accidentaly Revealed Nexus 8

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Google isn’t good with keeping things a secret. Earlier it was the Nexus 5 which was revealed in a video released by the company, being used by a Google employee himself, and now it seems like Google has unofficially unveiled an upcoming 8-inch tablet – Nexus 8.

On the Android website itself there’s a promotional photo that the company has used which features a lady using a tablet. The tablet in the photo doesn’t quite look like either of the Nexus 7 tablets, and it looks pretty smaller than the Nexus 10. This has sparked off speculations that Google might be working on an 8-inch tablet which is most likely to be called Nexus 8, going by the company’s current naming scheme.

So far we’ve seen Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 in the smartphone and tablet segment which belong to a series of naming conventions currently under use by Google. While Nexus 7 has received a refreshed update in 2013, Nexus 10 is yet to see that. Instead, Google might launch the Nexus 8 to combat other 8-inch tablets in the market.

From the looks of it the tablet looks a lot similar to LG’s G Pad which is an 8.3-inch Android based tablet. It would be interesting to see if Google goes with LG to manufacture the Nexus 8 rather than sticking to Asus which currently manufactures Nexus 7 for the company.

Written by Harpreet Singh

November 4th, 2013 at 6:29 pm

Motorola Moto G Coming on 13th November

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Moto G

Motorola will launch a new smartphone titled Moto G on November 13. The company has launched a teaser site along with a post on Twitter inviting users to catch the live event online. Moto G is expected to be an affordable little brother to the Moto X. This will be Motorola’s second key launch, under Google, after the Moto X announcement. Moto X has been in the news for the ease of customization while ordering.

While the Moto X has only been limited to US smartphone buyers till now, the company is expected to break the regional barriers with the Moto G this time. That’s purely out of speculation since the invitation on Twitter greeted fans in around seven different languages.

The word on the street is that the Moto G is likely to include a 1.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon SoC, supported by 8GB of internal memory and a 5MP primary camera. The specifications sound fairly moderate but then this is supposed to be a low budget smartphone. There’s still no word on software, but it’ll be surprising to not find Android 4.4 KitKat on the Moto G, with Google going quite vocal on how the latest edition of Android works best on even low-end devices.

Apart from the software, it’ll be interesting to see how Motorola decides to price the Moto G and which countries will get the new smartphone. We’ll bring you more on this after the launch.

Written by Harpreet Singh

November 4th, 2013 at 5:24 pm

Researcher believes that Google Glass could go on sale for $300

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By now, everyone is just about fed up with Google Glass. The wearable has been all over the web and news for ages, but since it is yet to be officially announced, no one can get their hands on it.

The wearable industry is set to boom within the next few years and with it, fancy eye wear such as Google Glass will be a hot selling gadget, but what will it cost you? Topology Research Institute’s Jason Tsai believes that despite current owners of the device having forked out $1,500 to get their hands on pre-release hardware, final versions that will hit the market later this year, or early next year, are likely to go on sale for just $300. Tsai gets this price by adding the sum of the cost of all of the components and likely adding some profits and other related expenses to it.

The Institute claims that the wearable tech industry is set to be worth over $18 billion by 2018, a significant increase from 2011’s $1.2 billion.

Written by Dion Guillaume

August 10th, 2013 at 12:49 pm

Reports of faulty GPS on New Nexus 7 leads Google to launch investigation

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The New Nexus 7 may be one of the most significant consumer electronics gadgets to hit the market this year, but that doesn’t mean that it is 100% perfect. According to recent reports, which have surfaced on most of the significant Android portals such as Android Police, XDA Developers and Google’s own forums, the new Nexus 7 has faulty GPS performance.

A multitude of reports are coming in from new Nexus 7 owners reporting that they have massive GPS issues on their new affordable, feature rich tablet. Apparently users are complaining that their Nexus 7 devices have GPS signal for a few minutes before it goes away completely and not coming back on. Google has apparently noticed the issue and it’s under an investigation to see if they can fix the issue, which could spread globally if left untreated considering how quickly the new Nexus 7 is rolling out across the globe.

It seems that the issue is experienced on almost all devices, with most users not picking up the issue as they barely use the GPS features for long enough. For now, it seems that Apple Maps may be your best option, so buy an iPad Mini!

Written by Dion Guillaume

August 9th, 2013 at 5:26 pm

UK drivers to face serious fines, possible jail time, if caught with Google Glass

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It doesn’t exactly take a rocket scientist to figure out that the impending arrival of Google Glass to the mass market holds in a lot of safety concerns for drivers, that is until Google unleases their driverless cars unto the world. The UK government, yes the weird bunch that blocked porn for all Brits, are working on a new law that will ban wearing Google Glass whilst driving.

For obvious safety reasons, the UK government has decided to add Google Glass while driving in the same category as the use of mobile phones; “careless driving.” The government regulators fear that too many drivers will be distracted by the wearable and the content it displays, which may lead to disasterous consequences, ie. accidents which likely involves death. Google Glass has faced a lot of scrutiny over the past year including concerns over privacy which has lead to Glass being banned in a lot of establishments. The company has also allowed current explorers of the Glass accessory to invite some friends to join the program, but it remains to be seen when exactly the device will hit the mass market.

Google Glass is likely to face some stiff competition from the likes of smartwatches which seems to be the next big thing in the consumer electronics industry, especially with its current enormous price of $1,500 which seems high even for the rich and famous. Will you get Glass? Tell us below!

Written by Dion Guillaume

August 1st, 2013 at 4:46 pm