New Nexus 9 Coming Mid-October!

The Nexus line of tablets have an update long overdue. The Nexus 7, even after getting a refresh in 2013 still at the end of the day was a Nexus 7. It’s safe to say that after 2 long years we still have the same Nexus hardware and form factors when it comes to tablets….


Google’s Nexus 9 Tablet Spotted!

Looks like we are going to see a new Nexus tablet real soon. Rumors have started trickling down to performance benchmarks from the device itself. We today have screenshots from AnTuTu benchmark confirming tips that the Nexus 9 will be ditching Qualcomm for an Nvidia 64 bit Tegra K1 chip with a 2560*1600 resolution spread…


Nexus X Is Being Made By Motorola, Specs Listed!

The internet was full of news about Google killing the Nexus series. However it turns out that we now have some leaked AnTuTu screenshots suggesting either of the companies testing out the Nexus X. The Nexus X is allegedly being made by Motorola and judging by the specifications, it is a hell of a phone…


Google Now Launcher On Majority Droids Now!

Google Now Launcher is a fantastic launcher which earlier was a novelty only Nexus users could only make use of. Google recently announced an update post which any Android user can install it on their phone running Android 4.1 or higher. So if you have an Android with a laggy, buggy launcher that is way…


OnePlus Watch – Another Gadget You Cannot Buy?!

OnePlus Tech. is a company that showed that it is a company that can deliver more for less. Only if it could get around it’s ridiculous invite system, the phone was a great choice. What’s next for OnePlus? A new phone? Maybe, but then it needs to sort out availability of it’s current phone first,…

play-store-material-3 (1)

Redesigned Google Play Store Shown Off!

At Google I/O 2014, we had one major UI overhaul for a not so fancy looking Android KitKat that we know off. With the introduction of Android L 5.0 we had material design that changed the way UI elements interact and animate. Right off we can see that images now dominate the listings, be it…


Lumia Running Android? Yes Please!

Nokia’s Lumia is a great series when it comes to hardware since it has witnessed some of the most crazy innovations from a 41MP camera to a $99 smartphone. But there has been one consistently unanswered question everyone seems to ask – Android on a Lumia? There were rumors of a an Android powered Lumia…


New Look For Android On It’s Way?!

If you have taken out time to observe the new Android 5.0 L, then you’ll know that the buttons have been redesigned and look nothing like before. However, today we see evidence that might lead to a newer build of Android. The following has been extracted from Google’s own servers. There are subtle changes to…