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Is It Worth Waiting For The Apple iWatch?!

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Balogh-iwatch2014 may just be the year of wearables taking over, with the build up of a lot of rumors regarding the Apple iWatch, we still do not have much idea since Apple has not said much except that they have the most amazing product category coming up for us this year.

Today what we learn from credible sources is that the device would be 2.5 inches on the front. That is massive if you consider that it is a watch. To give you a perspective, the iPod nano is 2.5 inches and that is not something that one would attach to your wrist. Let’s see how Apple intends to build and design this one. According to Reuters, Apple is planning to ship around 50 million of these within the first year of launch.That is a huge number for a new category of product.

It will also be Apple’s first device to come with wireless charging to make it a wireless in it’s true form. LG will be the prefered partner to provide these displays for the first batch of devices. October is the month we are looking at. With all these details, do you think it is worth waiting for Apple’s take on wearables? Or would rather succumb to the dynamism and open nature of Android Wear that is to be announced this month?


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Written by Chintan Vithlani

June 20th, 2014 at 5:26 pm