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Rumor Round-up : iPhone 6!

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iphone-6-1050x787The iPhone 6, the device that is anticipated by one and all, it is infact creating such a frenzy of opinion online that we thought it’s best that we serve  all the news to you in a package that makes sense more than noise, so here is all we know about the iPhone 6  :

Display :

new-details-on-the-iphone-6-it-will-be-super-slim-high-res-come-in-two-sizes-and-the-power-button-is-movingOver the years Apple has been very conservative when it comes to the display size on iPhones and it has merely grown from 3.5inches on the 4/4S to 4.0 inches on the new 5C/5S, this time around Apple is planning to experiment with a larger display that comes around 4.7inches and another one at 5.5inches, that is huge in terms of Apple’s usability and portability definitions.

Processor :

Apple-A8-chip-11Although Apple’s A7 chip is a rock solid 64-bit capable chip, Apple will be building up on the same to bring a new A8 chip that should improve multitasking further and also include better power management options since the battery life is always something that we end up complaining about.

Camera :

iPhone-6-OIS-cameraApple will be brining a brand new imaging sensor on-board, there is a high chance that this will support the ‘Super High Resolution’ mode that Apple recently patented where multiple photos are stitched to make a gigantic 50MP shot or so. Additionally Apple may also bring Optical Image Stabilization on it’s camera unit.The megapixel count may see a bump but don’t get excited, we will be very excited if they cross the 10MP mark.

iOS 8 ? :

ios-8-leakFor the first time we saw some very legitimate screenshots of iOS 8. Yes, these may be pre-release software ones but there is something new over here. The leaked iOS 8 screenshots, which shot the new icons for Apple’s upcoming new Healthbook, Preview, TextEdit and Tips apps that are spotted below. The platform is essentially being readied for the iWatch.


Overall Build :


iphone-6-silverYes that is what the Apple iPhone 6 may actually look like, it rumored to be slimmer than 6mm and will supposedly have a curved display with a curved body on the sides as well, we still do have the TouchID sensor but the bump in screen size and change in overall esthetics is evident.

Release Date :

iPhone 6-578-80Just today came a news that nailed down on August to be the month when Apple will release it’s iPhone 6 4.7inch variant with the larger variant coming in a bit later by September. A total of around 80 millions units will be manufactured this year that include both the screen sizes.

Chances are that existing users and even first timers will select the 4.7inch version since it would be the one that would much more comfortable and known overall since as Apple users we aren’t used to huge screens at all. Rest assured, at Amzer we are committed to giving you the best protection for your iPhone 6 since day one.

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Written by Chintan Vithlani

May 9th, 2014 at 3:11 pm

Posted in Smartphones

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