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Google Nexus 5 Vs Apple iPhone 5s – Battle Of 2013′s Best!

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Last year was pretty interesting for the smartphone industry and one question that repeatedly hit our mailbox was this – which is the best phone of the year 2013!? So we chose two representatives, the best of the Android and iOS platforms and put them head to head to draw meaningful conclusions.

Size :

nexus-5-vs-iphone-5s-5The size difference here is pretty big, the Android representative – the Nexus 5 has a 4.95inch display compared to a modest 4 inch display of the iPhone 5 that makes it taller and components like OIS  make  the Nexus 5 bulkier.

Build :

nexus-5-vs-iphone-5s-1Again there’s a huge contrast when it comes to choice of materials, the Android counterpart is made of plastic poly-carbonate and the iPhone is the epitome of premium materials and cutting edge manufacturing.That said, the Nexus 5′s smooth matte finish feels much higher-end than the glossy and flimsy plastic you’ll find on most Samsung flagships.

Colors :



The Nexus 5 comes in two color variants as we speak, although this may change soon. While the iPhone 5s comes in 3 exquisite colors – Gold,Silver and Space gray and those look very nice. The space gray iPhone has a black front, while the silver and gold models sport white faces.

Screen Size :

nexus-5-vs-iphone-5s-6The Nexus 5 here wins hands down. The 5 inch 1080p screen is just much sharper than the iPhone  5s. However, comparing the quality, the iPhone takes all awards, the LCD screen on the Nexus 5 appears a tad bit washed out and just overall not well calibrated. Both screens are sharp, and your eyes may not need anything sharper than the iPhone’s 326 PPI Retina Display. With that said, the Nexus 5′s 1080p IPS screen does pack in 185 percent more pixels.

Storage :

nexus-5-vs-iphone-5s-17MicroSD expandability is non-existent here. The iPhone 5s gets an edge here because of it’s 64GB option.

Processor :

nexus-5-vs-iphone-5s-4The Nexus 5 is blazing fast thanks to that 2.3Ghz Four core CPUs. Where real engineering works is when Apple makes the iPhone 5s work flawlessly on hardware that someone would call 2 year old. Also, it crushes everything in benchmarks.


nexus-5-vs-iphone-5s-13Umm, we tried, but there is no moving away from the fact that the Nexus 5 has double the RAM than the iPhone 5s. Does it affect performance – Nah!

Camera :

nexus-5-vs-iphone-5s-2The Nexus 5′s camera is one of it’s primary weak-points. The iPhone 5s’ camera isn’t a huge improvement over the iPhone 5, but its dual LED flash does give you more colorful and evenly-lit flash photography shots.

Added features : iPhone 5s nails it with 120fps slow motion video while the Nexus 5 has Optical Image Stabilization built into the camera unit. Overall, it’s the iPhone 5S that takes the crown.

Battery :

nexus-5-vs-iphone-5s-0Here numbers mean real world performance, battery life isn’t terrific on the Nexus 5, but it should get you through a full day. The iPhone’s battery holds less juice.

Starting Prices (Off Contract) :

nexus-5-vs-iphone-5s-11The real conclusion is here, the Nexus 5′s killer feature is the price to package ratio – it’s the best performance smartphone at that price off contract! The iPhone 5S with it’s premium feel can be said to the best smartphone overall, with a solid camera, solid performance, solid display and now even a fingerprint scanner, it’s the best engineering wonder your money can buy you.

If you love Android and hate bloatware, love instant updates and hate gimmicky features, the Nexus 5 is for you. If you don’t want to pull your hair on throughout customization, if you don’t want to change settings for a great photo before you take it, you love a snappy User friendly OS and outstanding build quality, look no further than the iPhone 5s.

Which one would you go for!?

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Written by Chintan Vithlani

January 25th, 2014 at 5:25 pm

  • Aditya Bhatt

    If I’m on a budget I would go for Nexus 5 as it is value for money. But if you want the best built quality and good camera iPhone 5S is hands down the best.

  • Junaid Memon

    in advancement nexus 5 is ahead bt in processing iphone have best processor so cant judge but as i am an iphone user i go with iphone :p

  • Snowx2k5

    Both are awesome, but for me if money isn’t an issue, I have to go with the iPhone 5S.

  • https://www.facebook.com/samghosla?ref=tn_tnmn shamsher singh

    Google nexus ….
    Becz now android goes on…..

  • Deepak Gurunath

    I want google nexus

  • Lisa Grassetti

    Google Nexus