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Top 5 Smartphones Of 2013!

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BestSmartphones2013It’s holiday season again and that time of the year when there are a lot of gifts being wrapped. Let’s take a look back and see what this year meant for the smartphone industry and which one’s made it big. Here is a list of Top 5 Smartphones for 2013!

1. Apple iPhone 5s

Apple iPhone 5sWhile Apple would not have won a medal in redesigning this much similar-looking iPhone, it surely won all the attention, primarily because of it’s neatly tucked fingerprint scanner – a first on any commercially available mobile phone.

The 64-bit A7 processor is logically a major upgrade over the predecessor, but the bigger change is the M7 co-processor, which picks up data from various sensors even while the phone may be asleep. The iPhone 5s is everything you love, only much better.

2. Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung-Galaxy-Note-3-front-back.jpg-640x488The Galaxy Note 3 is the pinnacle of Samsung’s line of large phones. It’s Samsung’s best effort by far. The Note line of devices brought phablets (i.e., large-screened phones) to the masses, and none is more accessible than the Note 3.

Samsung managed to reduce the device’s footprint while increasing the size of the screen to a whopping 5.7 inches. The Note 3 is also thinner, lighter, and classier than ever, thanks to the faux leather back and tasteful chrome accents.

3. Google Nexus 5

LG Nexus 5Google bought a treat and well needed upgrade to it’s Nexus 4 and man does this phone offer the best bang for the buck! Historically the Nexus devices bring flagship level hardware at rock bottom prices but with the Nexus 5 you get even better.

he Nexus 5 packs in a bigger screen this time around – 5-inch Full HD IPS+, with Gorilla Glass 3.And yes, how can we forget Google’s promise of instant OS updates being rolled out for Nexus smartphones and tablets?

4. LG G2

LG G2(1)The LG G2 is by far one of the best effort devices in terms of hardware and innovation throughout. The 5.2-inch display is by far one of the best that’s currently available on any available smartphone at 424 ppi.

The power key sits just below the camera at the back, with the designers assuming that a finger will naturally reach that spot when you hold the phone conventionally.

5. Nokia Lumia 1020

Nokia Lumia 1020-in-textIf you are extremely concerned about picture quality on your phone and need a camera replacement then here is a great option. Although you need to be a quick adapter to a new and quite-friendly operating system, the Lumia 1020 snaps photos like a boss!

With a 41 MP sensor with OIS, It offers full manual control over every aspect of creating a photograph such as shutter speed, ISO, exposure compensation, white balance and even offers the ability to manually focus the lens.

Do you have another best that we have missed? Comment below.


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Written by Chintan Vithlani

December 24th, 2013 at 4:55 pm

  • http://www.twitter.com/rothsothy Roth Sothy

    Camera and quality photos are most important to me, so I’ll have to go with the Nokia Lumia 1020!