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If Bending, Flexing and Self-Healing are the things you look for in a Phone then LG has got you covered

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LG_G_FlexLG’s plan to beat Samsung are straightforward and confusing at the same time. To stay ahead of the game LG has heavily invested on a device that has three neat tricks up it’s sleeve- A curved display,bending phone with a self-healing back.

According to the famous tipster @evleaks, this phone would be simultaneously available in Korea and the U.S. with folks in the States even getting carrier support for this device. But the majority of the media is still sceptical about the real uses of these new features and the price at which they would come in.

As of now there is no news on availability or pricing as such but we do expect this device to carry a one of it’s kind price tag but we wish these new quirks really live upto the expectations.

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Written by Chintan Vithlani

November 13th, 2013 at 6:18 pm