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Can we use Ambient WiFi to Charge our cellphones?

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wireless-energyWe all posses smartphones and/or tablets and we are consciously aware of how much of backup each one of them is capable of providing. We are also aware of the new “Qi” standard charging to wirelessly charge our cellphone – although slow but this does get the work done.

However i beg to differ, i still believe that Qi is not true wire-less charging as you still have to plug the charger into the wall and the device has to be stationary and you possibly can’t get any more freedom than you would get with a standard wall charger.

We do know that each one of us, even as you read this are being exposed to multiple signals – WiFi signals,Radio signals,Cellphone signals,etc. and the principle behind all these is that they travel by using charged particles. Using such many more concepts, folks of the Duke university have setup an experiment to see if they can truly making the process of charging gadgets – wireless.

178613_hawkes_katko_0013A harvesting array is an array of specialized cells that were able to output 7.3-volts of electricity. How many amps? Probably not many but very much satisfactory for a prototype. We are not even close to the final product but we do find the direction very promising.


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Written by Chintan Vithlani

November 16th, 2013 at 7:22 pm

  • Carl Bacchus

    Wow I would love to see this come through

  • OnPrinciple

    If you put it into your microwave, it will work, if you don’t… it won’t. It’s basic physics. You do know physics, guys, don’t you? I am not convinced, that you do.