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My picks: iOS 7′s best new, subtle enhancements

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So, there you are, two weeks with iOS 7 and you’re still getting used to the brand new user interface. You have found some new features that you quite like and others that you don’t, maybe you’re still exploring and you haven’t seen all that iOS 7 has to offer. So, I have compiled a list of my favourite new subtle enhancements on iOS 7. Enjoy!

Screw Panorama! Burst mode has to be one of my favourite new tricks to the camera application on iOS 7. You can take series of photos at once all by just keeping the shutter or volume keys in. Then just go to favourites and pick your favourite one, Apple automatically chooses one for you, so there might be quite a selection for you to go over.

The removal of the extra search homescreen has to be one of my favourite changes to hit iOS 7. I can’t be the only one that never uses the universal search option, or just plain found that extra search screen pretty useless. Now, if you do have a search on that odd occasion, you can just swipe down on your homescreen and type in a search into the tab. Pretty great I’d say!

Swipe to close is most definitely another great enhancement. What a chore it was to close applications in previous versions of iOS. Open the multitasking view, scroll to your app, long press, wait for the cross to appear so you can get rid of that irritating app. Now, open multitasking and swipe the window corresponding with that pesky app you want to close upwards. Done. iOS 7 will most certainly save your thumbs from being tortured!

It was quite irritating waking up every morning to a couple of updates in the app store, then having to enter my password and wait ages for all the apps to download, or worse yet, update every app only to get another notification that there is an update waiting for me. Now we can just set iOS 7 to update automatically in the background. Wake up to a clean screen and never be bothered by those irritating little red circles over the App Store. I love it!

The merging of the URL box and search box in Safari is another feature I welcome with open arms. Sure, Chrome is a great iPad browser, but not so much on the iPhone. Finally we can type in searches in a single omnibox without realising half way that it’s the wrong box and we have to start all over it the box nextdoor. AND it looks way better than two separate boxes I might add. The browser tabs also finally look a bit better. Safari has vastly improved and I like it!

Finally we have the Activation Lock feature. If you have Find My iPhone enabled and your device disappears. It can’t be activated again whatsoever without your input. No selling or abusing your iPhone if you lose it or its stolen. Find My iPhone is still one of the best security applications on a mobile platform, loads better than even BlackBerry’s Protect application. You can still track your device and of course remotely wipe it, but luckily now no one can flash new firmware and abuse your trusty sidekick without your say so!

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Written by Dion Guillaume

October 3rd, 2013 at 1:10 pm