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Keep your private business, private with Amzer’s new Kristal Privacy Screen Protector

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Are you always looking over your shoulder, wondering who’s looking at your every step and move? Do you want to keep your private business private without breaking the bank? Amzer would like to formally introduce our new Amzer 4 Way Privacy Protector Shield for most modern smartphones and starting at just $14.95!

If you’re an important business leader or politician with sensitive information, classified data or a dirty secret, you can make your device all the more safer with our new privacy centered Kristal screen guards. Keep those naughty pictures and text away from prying eyes. Keep your WiFi, Facebook and email passwords safe from those who’d abuse it.

  • Doing a quick bank transfer or a PayPal payment using your smartphone and need to put in your personal login in details? Keep that private!
  • Logging into your Facebook, Twitter or any other social media account on the go? Keep your details private!
  • Masterminding a plot to overthrow the government in order to let SkyNet roam free? You’d probably want to keep that to yourself!
  • Looking at some raunchy sites while standing in the queue at McDonalds waiting for someone to wake up and assist you? You definitely don’t want someone to catch a glimpse of that!
  • Typing in nuclear launch codes because the UN refuses to write off your nation’s debt? You probably don’t want the mouthy UK delegate seeing what you’re up to and blabbing it all out!
  • Texting the wifey to hear what you ATM pin is because you’re so forgetful? There are peeping Toms everywhere just waiting for a chance to help themselves to your hard earned cash!

I may be making some jokes, but your privacy is no laughing matter. So, instead of buying a couple of beers or a carton of cigarettes, invest in an Amzer 4 Way Privacy Protector Shield to ensure that your privates stay private! Please note that the accessories mentioned above are up for pre-order and will only start shipping starting on the 10th of October for select units!

Unlike other screen protectors claiming to keep your personal data safe from wondering eyes, Amzer’s Kristal Privacy screen guard allows for four different viewing angles, as long as you are right in front of your device. Viewing from the sides, vertically or horizontally is quite simple and your data is sure to remain your own. It is designed specifically for each device, with 100% precision to make sure your business, remains just that.

What’s even better is the fact that it not only protects your personal data, but your display too. The Kristal Privacy screen protector protects from scratches and bumps, and most importantly UV radiation, it filters 99% of harmful UV rays away from your eyes, making images more crisp and clear while make sunlight legibility better than ever. With privacy being in the spotlight in recent times thanks to the NSA’s PRISM program, everyone is seeing just how import it is too keep your data as safe as possible.

Amzer’s 4 Way Privacy Protector Shield is available for most of the current best smartphones including the iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, Galaxy S4, and loads more starting at just $14.95. Keep your dignity, and personal data, with this great new accessory.

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Written by Dion Guillaume

October 1st, 2013 at 12:42 pm