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Eager to get your hands on a Gold HTC One? That will be $4,400!

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So, you quite like the new gold iPhone 5s, but it’s sold out almost everywhere and you prefer a larger screen and Android. Well, HTC has solved that problem for you with their new genuine Gold HTC One. There is one slight problem though, it costs $4,400.

HTC and Goldgenie have teamed up to create the five most expensive HTC smartphones ever created. The 18 carat Gold HTC One devices were made in order to commemorate the eighteenth annual MOBO awards in the UK and each of the five smartphones will set you back a whopping $4,400, which is considerably more expensive than the champagne coloured iPhone 5s. It should be noted that the non-genuine Gold HTC One leaked last month is not the same device as the company launched today, meaning you’re likely to get one of the devices for much, much less than what they’re offering today.

What is the most expensive smartphone you have ever owned? Mine was my Nokia N950, which was priceless. Would you ever spend that much money on a smartphone or are you saving that for a house or the next Porsche?

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Written by Dion Guillaume

October 8th, 2013 at 4:32 pm

Posted in Others,Smartphones,Technology

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