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Could an Amazon partnership be what saves HTC?

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Can Amazon save HTC without buying them? The ailing Taiwanese manufacturer is currently valued at $3.8 billion, losing its worth day by day, and even more of its market share. A Lenovo acquisition is rumoured heavily. Now, an alliance with online retail giant is signalling a turnaround for HTC.

According to a report by The Financial Times, Amazon and HTC are in the process of making three different Amazon smartphones, one of which is already in advanced stages of production and is likely to appear early next year. The HTC One was lauded as the year’s best Android smartphone, winning awards, selling mediocrely, but can Amazon boost the company’s struggling image and make them valuable, and more importantly more profitable again? HTC’s three Facebook phones have failed miserably, as has their Windows Phone devices, their tablets and now most of their smartphones too. Amazon is offering an exclusive device that will surely sell in the several millions across the globe.

Amazon may very well save HTC with an alliance, or they will end up buying the firm and taking full advantage of the firm and all of its assets.

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Written by Dion Guillaume

October 16th, 2013 at 3:51 pm