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September 10: What will we be seeing from Apple? Two new iPhones? Three new iPads? An iTV? An iWatch?

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Over the years Apple events have become synonymous with huge fanfare and a media uproar, which is easily understandable thanks to the fact that the Apple brand has become a drug that everyone seems to want. Any Apple related content shoots pageviews sky high, even unfavourable content by trolls. So, what does Apple have in store for us on Tuesday? What can we look forward to?

Apple iPhone 5C

Rumour has it that Apple is finally bringing out a cheaper version of their iconic Apple iPhone smartphone. Some say it will replace the iPhone 5 as the second to the throne, other suggest it will take the place that the iPhone 4 currently holds, as the lowest end iPhone available, and third from the crown. It’s likely to be free on contracts, with the iPhone 5 going to $99 and the iPhone 5S going to $199.

Then there is the question of what the ‘C’ stands for? It seems to stand for ‘colour’, which the iPhone 5C will apparently spare no expense on. The Apple iPhone 5C will apparently come in Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, White and Black variants, all of which featuring plastic rear shells to cut costs. Additionally the iPhone 5C is said to be virtually identical to the iPhone 5 in terms of internal hardware, although there are whispers of microSIM card slots being favoured over nanoSIM slots.

Apple iPhone 5S

The Apple iPhone 5S is said to be this year’s flagship Apple iPhone smartphone. Upgrades are said to include a larger battery, faster connectivity, a larger camera with dual LED flash, a faster SoC with more RAM in addition to a new 128GB variant. Some say that the Apple iPhone 5S will not feature a 16GB variant anymore, with the 32GB model being the most affordable iPhone 5S offering, which makes a lot of logical sense. The iPhone 5S is also rumoured to bring two new colour variants in the form of a gold variant as well as a graphite variant.

Apple iPad Mini 2

The successor to last year’s much lauded Apple iPad Mini is expected to bring loads of improvements over its predecessor and knowing Apple, that is quite an understatement. Among the upgrades expected, the most significant is expected to be the addition of a ‘Retina’ display, double the pixel density of the current generation. The Apple iPad Mini 2 is also expected to carry a plastic rear logo, instead of a printed on one in addition to a larger battery, faster processor, more RAM and hopefully an upgraded camera.

Apple iPad Mini

Some rumours over the last few months have hinted at a more affordable iPad Mini, based on the first generation, but with some subtleties such as a plastic rear shell and the lack of a rear camera. Some even hint at it being more affordable than the new Google Nexus 7, which could give Apple quite an advantage over Google’s ailing Android tablet market.

Apple iPad 5

The biggest thing since the introduction of the first iPad is coming. Apple is expected to announce their slimmest, most efficient Apple iPad to date. The redesigned Apple iPad 5 is expected to feature a design similar to that of the iPad Mini with rounded corners and smaller bezels on the side. Additionally the larger iPad is expected to get some weight reduction and a new display technology which is likely to make it slimmer than ever before. If that doesn’t sound appetizing then you must lack some brain cells.

Apple iTV

Apple is expected to make their debut in the smart TV market with an actual TV instead of a small box that you plug into your existing TV set. The Apple iTV is expected to be a super slim, super efficient TV set with extraordinary viewing angles, crisp images, and the best of all, dense displays. It is said to run on Apple iOS and bring the iTunes store filled with dedicated applications and video content to your living room. The Apple iTV will supposedly even allow streaming from your iDevices as well as allowing your iDevices to be used as a remote.

Apple iWatch

Apple is expected to launch their first entrant into the smartwatch game in the form of the Apple iWatch. With Sony’s SmartWatch 2 lacking appeal, and Samsung’s Galaxy Gear lacking support for older devices and carrying a huge pricetag; it seems as if all Apple has to do is bring out an analogue watch to win the race. Of course Apple will not be the first to the smartwatch race, but they may very well make the first relevant entrant to the category which is expected to become the next best thing among the avid buyer. Not much is known by the iWatch, but it may likely not appear until early 2014 if most rumours are to be believed.

Whatever happens on Tuesday, you can expect the whole internet to be watching and waiting in anticipation. iOS 7 is expected to officially launch, leaving many that don’t know about the impending update in for quite the surprise once they update. Apple always puts the biggest of smiles on their customers’s faces and Tuesday is expected to be no different, despite the increasing amount of early leaks poisoning Apple’s usual surprise introductions.

What would you like to see Apple announce on Tuesday? Let us know below, share the excitement!

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Written by Dion Guillaume

September 8th, 2013 at 12:29 pm