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Key BlackBerry manufacturing partner said to be jumping ship

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Things just got worse for the struggling Canadian smartphone maker, BlackBerry, after manufacturing partner Jabil Circuit’s CEO stated that they were looking into exiting their partnership with the ailing company.

BlackBerry’s said to make close to a billion dollars in losses this quarter, they’re laying off over 40% of their staff across the globe and they received a low potential bid from their largest shareholder, which sent their share price down the drain, now they’re set to lose a manufacturing partner as well. Jabil Circuits, who’s second biggest client is BlackBerry, has stated that the company is looking to “wind down the relationship.” It seems as though the company is scared of what could possibly happen if BlackBerry abruptly ‘dies,’ leaving them in the wind. The company says that the decision is important and that they will not be taking anything lightly as they make their final decision.

Meanwhile, T-Mobile US is set to discontinue selling BlackBerry 10 smartphones to consumers from their physical stores, opting for the online-only approach, which could greatly impact the company’s sluggish sales.

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Written by Dion Guillaume

September 26th, 2013 at 2:51 pm