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iPhone 5S: The ‘S’ stands for ‘Suckers’

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Just four days left until the almighty Apple iPhone 5S officially goes on sale, but as the rollout date nears, many consumers are left wondering what exactly the ‘S’ in iPhone 5S stands for. Well, unlike the ‘Speed’ it referred to with the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4S, I have reason to believe that the iPhone 5S’ ‘S’ stands for ‘Suckers’.

Let me explain. For months there has been rumours, leaks and doubts. Anticipation heightened and there were some letdowns when the device that is the iPhone 5S finally launched, but what if that was Apple’s plan all along? No bigger display, no storage expansion, no megapixel enlargement, not THAT much change hey? Here everyone went and made bigger phones, bigger cameras and the works, but the software didn’t change much, neither did the user experience. iOS 7 is once of the greatest leaps in the mobile space for quite a while. Apple started the spec-war, and they may actually have ended it. Instead of going all in with hardware, Cupertino went all in, they gave the users a brand new phone, a more secure, longer lasting phone, that may actually be the same phone from last year.

Users on an iPhone 5 can upgrade to iOS 7 and have a whole new phone, but what about those people on older models? That’s what Apple was working towards. More users to the better, newer devices. The updated device. iOS 7 in its own is already enough to more than justify the iPhone 5S’ shortcomings as opposed to that of the competitors. And while Wall Street and haters gonna hate, Apple fans will rejoice, especially after the initial confusion of tomorrow’s iOS 7 rollout has blown over. Apple went ahead and instead of releasing a new mindblowing device, they went ahead and made the last four generations of smartphones, and the last three generations of iPad tablets, brand new devices.

Now Samsung, Nokia, HTC and the works laugh and tease Apple, but how many Nokia devices and Android devices from 2010 still get the latest software updates? Where do you get a company that makes devices bought three years ago, usable for three more years? Apple pulled off the biggest con in history, the turned their competitors into ‘Suckers.’ They will undoubtedly loosen their grip on competing with Apple, underestimating the company’s next generation of devices, giving Apple even more room for a device worth getting wet dreams over.

While everyone else goes on with the hardware race, and teasing Apple, they forget to actually cater for their users, making their experience better, refining their devices and software. Apple not only released two new smartphones, in essence they released five new smartphones and four new tablets. The iPhone 4, 4S and 5 as well as the iPad 2, new iPad, iPad 4 and iPad Mini become new devices with iOS 7.

The Apple iPhone 5S (and iPhone 5C) may be underwhelming, but it is there to bring pre-iPhone 5 users to the newer, bigger devices. Then Apple can bump resolution, user numbers, but most of all enhance the user experience. The hardware race is over. The future is all about the user experience, the software race is back. Why do you need a FHD screen when you can’t tell individual pixels apart either way? Why do you need an octa core processor? Why do you need a 41MP camera? Why have the latest and fastest hardware with sluggish software?

Apple’s control over its hardware AND software has ensured that they are a market leader, that they are a reference for most other manufacturers, everyone else. They have in effect turned everyone into ‘Suckers’ that are laughing and mocking Apple for such an “underwhelming product” when they actually went and reinvented their whole line up for the last three years in one foul swoop. Only Apple can pull such a thing off, and that’s why everyone else is ‘Suckers.’

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Written by Dion Guillaume

September 17th, 2013 at 12:29 pm