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HTC One Max could be announced on October 17

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The HTC One Max will undoubtedly be one of HTC’s best devices to date, sadly if recent rumours are to be believed, its $800 launch price is more than likely to kill it before it hits the local store shelves. Now a launch date has supposedly leaked.

According to Taiwanese publication, ePrice, the HTC One Max is set to launch globally on October 17 and will retail for just over $800. If the rumoured price is true, then the company is likely to sign their death warrant on October 17, although the HTC One Max might just be a thorn in the back of the likes of Samsung and Nokia, whose phablet devices are set to compete quite a bit with the device. The HTC One Max’s main differentiating feature will be its rear fingerprint sensor, similar to the new iPhone 5S’s front fingerprint sensor, a feature more than likely making a comeback to the market.

The HTC One Max uses quite the original design, inspired by the smaller, HTC One, and much different from what competitors have in store for us. What do you think? Will you buy the HTC One Max or are you heading for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3?

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Written by Dion Guillaume

September 28th, 2013 at 12:09 pm