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How to get iOS 6 back before it is too late!

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iOS 7 is undoubtedly the best version of iOS to date and features a vast amount of improvements, including a redesigned user interface, but some users have met the new update with a lot of skepticism and criticism, which is why we’re showing you how to downgrade back to iOS 6 from iOS 7 while there is still time.

The folks over at iDeviceHelpus has created this nifty video showing you just how to easily downgrade back to iOS 6 from iOS 7. Like many first times, the new iOS 7 can be scary and weird at first, but once you get used to it, it is an amazing pleasure to have in your life. Maybe you don’t see that or you’re scared of change, which is why they show you exactly how to roll back, in case you have updater’s remorse or getting nostalgic. You can easily downgrade iOS 7 to iOS 6 on the iPad as well. It really is very easy to roll back to iOS 7 from iOS 6 on your iPhone, so, if you really hate iOS 7 so much, you can get iOS 6 back right now, but hurry, Apple may cease the downloads very soon!

Let us know if you love iOS 7 or if you’d rather roll back to the old, boring iOS 6 look?

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Written by Dion Guillaume

September 20th, 2013 at 2:55 pm

Posted in Others,Smartphones,Technology

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