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How does a 500GB iPad sound? Seagate launches new ultra mobile HDD aimed at tablets

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Just when you started to cosy up to the idea of a 128GB packing Apple iPad, Seagate went ahead and jumped the gun with their new 500GB Ultra Mobile Hard Disk Drive. Something tells me that the tablet game is about to get delightfully interesting…

Seagate has launched their new Seagate ST500LT035 Ultra Mobile HDD with a whopping 500GB of storage space in a 5mm thick profile. The new drive brings up to 7 times the storage space of current generation mobile flash memory drives and apparently it uses a fraction of the energy. The Seagate ST500LT035 weight just 93g, which is about 83% the weight of the Apple iPhone 5. If speed is what you’re after, 8GB of flash storage is included and the drive’s maximum transfer speeds are said to be 600MB/s.

The best of all? It’s apparently going to be quite affordable and have quite a rugged design to keep that data safe. Now we just need Apple to listen up and pop that drive into the next iPad, am I right?

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Written by Dion Guillaume

September 9th, 2013 at 10:45 am

Posted in Others,Tablets,Technology

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