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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids coming soon, tablet aimed directly at your toddlers

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Great news to all those hardworking parents out there. The end of the month is nearing which is obviously code for ‘time-when-your-kids-spend-all-of-your-hard-earned-cash’ and so it seems Samsung is preparing a great little gift for your little guy or girl to keep them busy while you catch up the latest episode of Breaking Bad or read Fifty Shades of Grey for the seventy-third time.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids has leaked courtesy of MovePlayer and is apparently the first usable ‘tablet-for-kids.’ The Galaxy Tab 3 Kids, which would have sounded better as the Galaxy Tab 4 Kids, will feature a 8.5-inch screen with a terrible resolution, a slow dual core processor, just 1GB of RAM and just 8GB of storage, but quite the powerhouse with a 4,000mAh battery, we’re leaning towards Android 1.6 Donut working in the background, but whatever powers it, a Kid-centred UI will definitely all over that. The Galaxy Tab 3 Kids will seemingly not be resistant to chocolate milk, cookie batter or the odd soda, even if its the sugar free offering.

No word on pricing or an exact launch date, or even if it will be on sale outside of South Korea, as of yet, but I will bet the Nexus 7 will offer a little more bang for buck, heck kids nowadays will probably hack the thing to run Symbian anyway, you know, for good ‘ol Bounce.

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Written by Dion Guillaume

August 26th, 2013 at 8:21 am